Friday Morning Miracles

Quick blog post for all of you on this beautiful Friday…

All this week has been really challenging for me. I have been struggling all week with these altering mood changes and maintaining my confidence. For some time now something has been weighing so heavy on my heart and I have not been able to handle it. It isn’t because it’s too much of a challenge for me but I did not know how to handle it. The negativity from the entire situation had been keeping a hold on me and it was altering who I was. I was letting it change me for the worse. Not only was this situation bugging me but I was dealing with issues at work. For some time the women that I work with have done everything in their power to make me feel like an outcast, it’s been working. I haven’t been as confident as I normally am or as confident as I should be. I’ve been letting their negative energy affect my work ethic and how I perform. All of that was causing me to be distracted, the power of the enemy! I have been letting everything consume my heart and turn it cold and make me out to be someone I had long ago developed from.

This morning it was like I woke up and something hit me. I didn’t care what I had to do or who I had to let go, I was determine to wash my hands and cleanse my heart and get my happy back. I prayed and talked to God all morning. I begged him to help me do what I needed to do to remove these negative emotions and feelings from my heart. I kept thinking of things that I could do or should do but everything that I attempted on my Bart ride to the office did not work. I kid you not, I tried to do it on my own and EVERYTHING i was doing to change my mood and how I felt had failed. I got to work and I was sitting at my desk when my phone buzzed. It was a text message from one of my close friends. She was going through some things and wanted to know what she could read that would change her mood. The moment I hit reply I started to feel so much better. I had just experienced a similar situation earlier in the week so my message to her had inspired me as well. I felt like God was telling me everything that he wanted her to know. I had this terrible week and things were coming at me left and right but one particular thing that I went through had been a learning experience for me to help my friend in her time of need. So it all worked out. It was all a test and I am smiling as I type because I feel as if I successfully passed. I did not let the events of this week get the best of me. Instead of taking matters into my own hands I let God take care of it for me. My friend and I shared a good cry and tears of joy. What I did tell her and what I want to share with all of you is that, you go through many things in life. You experience life lessons in so many forms and different trials but when God is ready for you to be great he will give you all of the necessities you need to fulfill the destiny he’s called upon your life. God will let you go through the hurt, heartache, and pain before he starts to reveal to you what your next steps are. When you focus on building your relationship with him he’s focused on subtracting the relationships that are a hindrance and causing you to lose focus.

Keep in mind that I am in a better mood today, I am happy, and my co-workers are being polite and kind to me today. I also realized that everyone that I need, know and love, they love and appreciates me just the same as I do them. Let God be of some assistance is your life, he works wonders it just determines on you seeking him not just when you need him but 24/7 all the time. I want you all to be great and focus being better and not bitter.

Be inspired. Be encouraged. Be blessed.
Amber Janae

Here is the text I received after my talk with my friend … 🙂 Divinely favored, and blessed.



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