Why Jay Z Inspires Me To Love

Jay Z has always been a trendsetter and the one artist to surpass what’s expected. With the release of his recent album Magna Carta Holy Grail this veteran artist has a lot to be proud of and celebrate. Long ago Jay proclaimed himself as the “best rapper alive.” It seemed like a very egotistical title to proclaim at the time but if you know like I know, the title suits and fits him perfectly. The 43 year old rapper has well earned the title and he continues to set bars and new standards as not only an artist but a business mogul. Dominating the rap game and making “new rules” is just one of the many great things we admire about Jay Z. I think what I admire about him most is his ability to be successful and be a leading example. He isn’t just setting bars and standards career wise, for the last 10 almost 11 years Jay Z has successfully showed us how to maintain an amazingly successful relationship. Anybody who’s anybody loves and admires the relationship Jay Z shares with his wife Beyonce. The superstar couple has given the world all something to admire and look forward to.

Celebrities Attend The New Jersey Nets v New York Knicks Game - February 20, 2012

When I think of Beyonce and Jay Z I think of eternalness, wholeness, commitment, and inspiration. They are a couple who against all odds kept their relationship out of the public eye. Because the two are so private they’ve undergone a lot of criticism and scrutiny from the media. I think keeping your relationship on lock and not giving people fuel to make flames causes them to dig deeper into your relationship. When you don’t give people things to feed off of they tend to pry and make their own assumptions and “facts.” Jay and Bey have certainly inspired me over the years to seek foundation. You can spend many years seeking what’s superficial or you can go for what’s real and what’s promised. What’s most important to me about this couple is the longevity of their relationship. They’ve spent 10 years together as a couple and five of which they’ve been married. The couple has managed to even keep their wedding ceremony under wraps. We learned what Beyonce’s wedding gown looked like only by watching a concert documentary she released years after they tied the knot. 5 years of marriage and after the couple suffered the devastating loss of a child from a miscarriage they gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter.


They’ve showed the world that first comes the easy part; we meet and build a bond. But then you have the hard part of balancing a career while still maintain a successful relationship and staying together. It all ends well if the two of you collaborate and work together, support each other, and keep your relationship business PRIVATE. After all is said and done then comes marriage and the family. There’s so much significance in keeping things guarded and finding what matters most. The couple met at a point in their lives when things were ok but they could certainly be better. And boy did things for the two of them get better. I feel like over the years of building together is when both Jay and Bey hit the most successful points in their lives. They built each other up and Bey contributed to Jay being a better man while Jay contributed to Bey being a better woman. In any interview they’ve ever given recently when asked about each other they’ll openly admit that they wouldn’t know where they’d be in this world or business without each other. In 2003 Oprah gave Beyonce the best advice a woman could give another woman and that is: “Don’t go around telling people who you’re dating.” 10 years later this couple is still successful and standing strong. Shawn Carter and Beyonce Knowles-Carter have set the mold. They’ve certainly inspired me to want more for myself and not to settle in relationships. If you’re in a relationship and the man or woman you’re with doesn’t make you better or make you want more then you’re certainly with the wrong person. Beyonce did a concert recently in Philly and just as the concert was wrapping up Jay surprised her, ran on stage and gave her a hug and kiss.

Ya’ll know I am a sucker for love and this couple makes me gush and blush all the time. This man certainly has mastered the art of keeping the spark alive and keeping his woman happy. Jay Z is a busy man and currently on tour with Justin Timberlake but as a good husband should he made time to surprise the woman he loves dearly while she works. Watch the video of it below. Also, Jay Z did an interview and dishes on becoming a father, his fears and insecurities and how he’s over coming them. He also dishes on setting standards and being a successful couple with his wife in the Hip Hop Industry. If this power couple doesn’t inspire you to find your better half you’re crazy. Love is the greatest thing and it always prevails.


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed!

During an interview with Elliott Wilson earlier this week, Jay revealed his desire to keep his marriage together, instead of following in his father’s footsteps:

When your baby first come, it’s only joy. It’s fascinating that two people can create a life. It’s only glory, it’s all joy. Then after that kicks in, you sit with yourself and say, “Am I going to be a good dad? I know I have the DNA of my dad, I know it’s not just with me and my dad, it’s an on-going problem in our entire community, how do I get around it?‘ Then all of those fears, anxieties and insecurities kick in, if you really want to do it the right day. So those first days were all joy, and now I have to do the work and make sure that I don’t repeat that same cycle, because I do have my father’s DNA. I’m sure he didn’t set out to leave, he married my mom. He tried, but life got in the way. He didn’t see 9 years out, of what would happen in his life. I’m sure he went into it with the best intentions, like we all do, but it didn’t work out.

And he also spoke on why he talks about his relationship in music, especially his newest collab “On The Run” with Beyonce:

There are very few relationships in Hip Hop music. It’s a lot of ‘I took your girl, and I’m gonna take it again,‘ and ‘I’m with your girl and never gave it out’ I don’t know if people are properly absorbing what I’m doing here. I don’t know in the context, just being honest about [marriage] and just putting those subject matters in Hip Hop records, that’s not normal.

I know I’m living my life right, I just live my life right and go about it the right way and then everything else will sort itself out. As long as I’m on the side of right, I’m cool. If I go wrong a little bit, my karma is immediate.


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