Sacrifices Love and Deception!


When I first started writing almost 15 years ago I would strictly write poetry. Once when I was about 13 or 14, I wrote a full page story about a girl who put her life on the line for a guy she was in love with. About 7 or 8 years later I stumbled across a bag full of my old poems and there in that bag was that story. It was true work of a beginner, but a light bulb went off in my head. Over the years I had read many books and some of the same booksI read 3-5 times. I wasn’t just reading because I enjoyed the story, I reread because each read I discovered something completely different. What I always noticed was my imagination was too strong and too vivid to read a book from solely the main characters point of view. I was always stuck wondering “I wonder how such and such felt about that.” When I started writing my first story for this book I wrote it based off of the story I wrote years ago. Ideally it made sense to follow the original storyline. By the time I had gotten started on my second story I was ready to write it from multiple points of views. I wanted my readers to be able to read thru and feel like they are connecting with each character. I knew how I felt as a young girl being told how a character felt but not actually connecting with them enough in a book. After 15 years of dreaming and almost 4 years of writing and perfecting each short story, my very first urban fiction anthology is just about ready to be released. I have taken 4 lengthy stories and compiled them all into one book. The stories have no general relation as far as characters however, they relate as far as emotion and rawness go. I have always been a realist. Growing up I was able to differentiate the real from the fake and I could seperate reality from fantasy at a VERY young age. While I do believe in happy endings, I wanted to create stories that my readers could relate to and actually feel a sense of connection. I wanted everyone to complete a story feeling like “Damn, these types of things actually happen in real life.”

Over the past 10 years I’ve experienced a lot and I’ve watched many different people around me go through many trials and tribulations. This anthology is a combination of fiction and reality! You can get a taste of the things that I’ve seen happen and known for people to partake in but I’ve added a fictional twist to it all. A lot of people make fun of Nicki Minaj and the many personalities that live within her, I don’t. After I began writing I understood how it felt to create a character and become them or to become one with them. There have been plenty of times where I’ve cried while writing. I had an idea of how I wanted the story to flow but the wording just comes so naturally and because of that my emotions are real, raw, and completely unexpected. The book in its entirety is nearing the completion process and I am so very excited to share it with you all. My editor texts me while she’s editing the stories all the time. She went into editing this project not knowing what to expect, by the third story she texted me in tears. I’ve had the opportunity to share some of my work with those close to me and they got a sample of what’s to come. Now I am so very ready to share with the world what I’ve concocted and hopefully you’ll all put this book down anticipating more from me in the future. If you want a pain killer until the release of the book, I’ve written a short story called “No Way Out” which you can find below. While I have no official set date for the release I am reaching toward the end of August 2013.With the way the editorial process is going we just might meet that target. I pray you all support the book just as much as you support the site.

There comes a time in love when we all make sacrifices. Some are larger than others but no matter the extent of our gratitude we end up sacrificing pieces of ourselves. In love you learn that some sacrifices are worth it while others are dangerous. Life teaches us to be careful not how we love but who we love. The cost we pay for our sacrifices sometimes turn out to be far more than what we bargained for.

Real love, true love gives us hope. When you’re combined with a counterpart you feel whole. When you’re in love you feel as if nothing is untouchable. The skies appear endless and the world is in arm’s length. The problem with love is devotion. We give and devote ourselves unselfishly but we are always unsure of the outcome. If you’re deep enough in love sometimes you’re blinded by all things. Whether these things are good or bad, you’re blinded. Unbeknownst to you, when these things are headed your way you’re so far in the clouds, when the bad hits you, you have no idea how to react. How do you forgive love when love unwillingly brings you pain?

Beguilement/deceit are a heartless person’s greatest ammunition and an innocent person’s worse nightmare. Those we tend to put on a pedestal and put our trust in the most are usually the ones who are successful in deceiving us. The deceiver wears their masks so well they become an expert at hiding all of their indiscretions. This masked mad person constantly succeeds in making you believe the things you shouldn’t. The game of deceit is like a game of Russian roulette. You succeed at skipping that bullet for so long until it eventually blows you away.]

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed!



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