Life is a Traffic Jam!

Life for me often times feels like a traffic jam. I feel like every day I am on a congested highway in a rush to get to where I am going. I have to constantly remind myself to be cool and chill. When I have difficulties reminding myself that, I always have a great group of friends around me to support me.


Last night I was having a talk with one of my awesome male friends. Some find it weird that I find such great inspiration in a male but he is the epitome of a great soul. I love that God has placed people around me that are somewhat of a mirror for who I want to become and not ugly images of who I do not want to be. So he and I are just chatting via IChat and I am telling him all of my resent fears and reservations. I break down to him how I am in fear of not succeeding with my writing career, how I am afraid to fail, how I scared all my friends and family will just leave me alone, and that I am scared I will never meet the perfect man and have the perfect family LOL. Sounds absurd but when you truly think of it I think we all tend to have those same thoughts and if not the same similar ones. When I told him this he quickly shut me down. My friend reassured me that I am VERY talented, very beautiful, and the total package. “Not only will you succeed career wise but I am positive that you will meet the man of your dreams and have everything you desire.” I was blushing but then I realized that I was relying on my friend’s words without believing these things myself. I am faced with difficulties and problems every day and I often find myself seeking validation or conformation from my circle when I need to believe in myself a little more. Before we ended our chat he shared with me a vital piece of information that I am carrying with me daily from this point forward. That conversation last night enlightened me and woke me up far more than you all will ever know. God has slowly started to rearrange my life. God has stepped in and has been rearranging and placing people in my life and taking people out.


I have survived some of the most devastating situations in relationships and friendships which shocked my energy and ultimately caused me to question myself. I started to rely more on the opinions or validations of others before I believed in myself. Today’s tip is: Believe that you can! Believe that everything you set your mind to you will accomplish. Believe that every burning desire in your heart will be fulfilled. After checking myself and coming to terms with reality, I realized that my life’s traffic jam isn’t so bad. Right now I am on a congested highway but I am comfortable enough to turn my music up, let the windows down, and enjoy the scenery. I am taking the scenic route on my life’s journey from here on out. Each lesson, hiccup, doubt, or fear was designed to keep me strong and build character. As I sat down and got ready to write this post I realized that this highway I’ve been traveling on has led me here. Every day I am offering what I learned to the world freely as a source of inspiration. My journey on this congested highway isn’t so bad after all. Learn to embrace the unexpected, enjoy your scenic adventures in life, and remember to stop and smell the roses. You only get one life to live, so be determined to make this one time living a hell of a time while smiling the whole way on the road to success.


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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