Truth Be Told: Loving Yourself Is Healthy!


People love to make you feel as if loving yourself is wrong. Being comfortable in your own skin isn’t wrong. Loving who you are & letting your radiance shine is the most healthy thing you can do. I choose to validate myself b/c it feels much better than relying on others to validate my significance in this world for me. Relying on others you’ll always come up short. Those who fight to prove that you think you are better than everyone simply because you love yourself are the ones who have problems identifying their love for self within. When you can’t identify with loving yourself those who you encounter that don’t have a problem with self love seem shallow to you. What people fail to realize is, the things you despise so much are usually the things you can learn the most from. Be true to you. Don’t let ones opinions discourage you from greatness. While we are all afforded the same opportunities not everyone takes their chances. Do not let that stop you from taking yours. DO NOT be the one who is known to put others down or speak badly about them. You NEVER know what a person is facing or experiencing. The very things you talk about or bring light to about someone else’s life can be things beyond their control for all you know. Do not block your blessings because you lack the ability to love and not release negative energy. You are & you get back what you put into the universe. It’s a proven fact that those who do onto others its later repaid and done onto them.

Be inspired. Be encouraged. Be blessed. ❤ xoxo


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