Are You Putting You And Your Needs First?

I woke up this morning feeling like I hadn’t been keeping it all the way real with myself. I have been avoiding being true and honest to all of the things that made me happy. I have been silently avoiding all of the things that complete me in an effort to satisfy others. Often times I feel as if I am caged in fear. I want to step out on a big leap of faith but then I stop myself to think about all of the negative what if’s. Fear is the enemy! Fear is a tactic created to block you from all of the blessings that you truly deserve. Fear will allow you to sit back and be content with watching everyone around you progress without making any real progressions in your own. I take a moment every day and try to make sure that I am being 100% True to Myself. Am I allowing myself all of the time and attention that I truly desire? Am I giving myself the same encouragement and positive advice as I give everyone else? Sometimes all it takes is for you is to have a quick pep talk with self in order to realize you aren’t being fair to you. It’s okay to put yourself first and cater to your own needs before someone else. It is important that you aren’t living vicariously through another’s success and happiness, get out in the world and create your own. Be sure that you aren’t distracted by someone else’s accomplishments. Focus on the path that God has chosen for you. I wanted to write a post to encourage you all to realize the value in you. While it is heartwarming and satisfying to put others needs before yours, sometimes it can be damaging to you. Putting you first allows you the strength to inspire others to do the same. Early this morning my thoughts were going crazy. I realized that I hadn’t been doing all that I should for me. I referred to a post I wrote some months back called “The Value Of Self Love.” It made me realize how far I had come over the years. That post also made me realize the space I do not want to go back to. This weeks challenge and every week going further for us all to challenge ourselves to put US and OUR OWN needs FIRST. Stop thinking that you can appease others by putting them on a pedestal while forgetting about who truly matters most. The more you’re putting yourself on the back burner the more you are hindering yourself from complete happiness and joy. Below is an excerpt from “The Value Of Self Love.” I hope that it is encouraging and empowering. I truly hope that you all are doing what it takes to satisfy self before anyone else.

“I spent too much time catering to someone else’s needs, wants, hopes and dreams. I spent so much time worried about someone else that I lost sight of what was important to me. I was so scared of losing them. I cared more about losing them than I cared about losing myself. When realization set in I thought that maybe the same reasons I lost sight of who I was, were the same reasons they lost sight of who they fell in love with or took a liking to. When we met I was strong, ambitious, courageous, and I had the world at my finger tips. The day I stopped feeding into my needs and put another’s before mine was the day I appeared weak, and soft. That was the day it was okay to take advantage of poor little me. Did I have pity on myself? Honestly, for a short time I did. I had pity on myself until I realized they didn’t take advantage of me without my consent…. I allowed it.” 

Click the link to read the full post: “The Value Of Self Love.” :

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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