Extending Your Unique Calling To Others.


I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint-and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find  a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.”

-Oprah Winfrey

When I started writing all I knew was I had the ability to write. I wasn’t ashamed of my God given talent but I kept it hidden for many reasons. One of those reasons was me being afraid people would read my writing and they’d hate it. I was worried they’d judge me and I’d never want to write again because of those reasons. I found a way to put aside my fears. I saw how therapeutic my writing was for me and I no longer cared about if I had critiques.  I was no longer worried what people would say. I knew in my heart that I had finally discovered my personal calling. I had a unique way of inspiring myself which allowed me to put my fears aside and offer that uniqueness to inspire others. It’s amazing how I discovered what I love. I loved if from the day I put a pen to paper. I fall in love with writing every single day. It fills my heart and gives me great pleasure and joy to share my calling with all of my readers. My mission is to inspire and encourage you all. I challenge each of you to discover what you love and find a way to share your unique talent with all of the world. Be courageous in the life you live because you only have one opportunity to live it. Remember that you never stop running out of opportunities to succeed for as long as you live.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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