A Quote Encouraging Us To Be Grateful For What We Have!


I stumbled across this quote scrolling my Instagram feed late Wednesday evening. I felt the need to share this message with you all for more reasons than one. You can get so caught up in all of the things you do not have that you loose sight of all that you should be thankful for. I remember growing up and desiring things so much I felt I was a failure because I didn’t possess them. It’s something that we’ve all either struggled with and overcame or continue to struggle with to this day. Do not go around beating yourself up or not feeling blessed because there are things you desire but you don’t have them. Be happy and proud of what you have and set goals to obtain the things you desire. We often long for possessions we don’t have, or circumstances to be better or reflect another person we know. If we aren’t careful, we may even become jealous or grow hatred toward the people who have what we do not. Focus on you and your journey. Not one person on this earth is the same. We are all created to live life on our own terms. It’s designed for us to acquire things at different times at our pace. ( Good thing life isn’t a race. 🙂 ) Always keep in mind that what is meant for you will be when the timing is just right.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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