10 Signs You Worry Too Much About Everything!

We all have our issues with worrying. There are those moments in our lives where we just are unable to sit still and relax. Everything matters. Everything has to have an answer right now, right when we want it. After reading these 10 reasons I realized this is me a lot. I’ve been working really hard to release these bad habits and not stress myself with worrying. It takes so much power to have faith that everything you wish for will work out in your favor. Worrying is still an issue I am still dealing with and trying to overcome. My favorite things to do is to create a playlist on my iTunes or Rhapsody account. Listening to music that soothes me totally helps. I also go for runs to get the stress out of my system. The biggest of them all is prayer. There is a written rule that once you pray about something it’s out of your hands you no longer have the right to worry about it. Hopefully this post via Refinery29 “Ten Signs You Worry Too Much About Everything.” Helps us all come to terms with the things we need to change.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 

sign11. You find yourself about to burst into tears at least twice a day.

sign22. Your friends are annoyed with your neuroticism and your new nick name is “Woody Allen.” 

sign33. You’re either eating your feelings or you realize you’ve skipped two meals.

sign44. You re-play everything in your head like, 30 times.

sign55. You check your e-mail or phone more than ten times a day.

sign66. Your blood pressure is so high, a doctor can tell from a mile away.

sign77. You haven’t read or watched something fun in ages.

sign88. You assume the worst. 

sign99. It’s been so long since you’ve had a full night’s sleep that you look like someone punched you in the face.

sign1010. You need alcohol to really unwind.


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