Living In A World That Lacks Love: Teen Fatally Shot By Her Own Brother!


Today a Bay Area family mourns the loss of their 17-year-old daughter who was fatally shot to death by her 14-year-old brother over laundry, Yes you read correctly LAUNDRY. I felt compelled to share this story because while I was complaining about how terrible of a day I had yesterday an innocent girl had lost her life senselessly just 45 minutes away from my home. The incident took place in Oakland, California around 12:30 Thursday afternoon. Justice Toliver was shot by her 14-year-old brother. A fatal gun shot wound killed her instantly, she was pronounced dead on the scene. According to her father, Justice had just gotten a new job and had a daughter of her own. While the family states they are unaware of how their young son got a hold of the gun, the father of the victim and suspect is pleading with his son to surrender or call someone.

We all love you, we care about you son. We know it was an accident, a mistake,” he said Thursday holding back tears. More details are developing on the story as authorities investigate.

I have no choice but to question what our younger generations are being subjected to. In a world filled with violence there are teens across the globe who feel as its okay to pick up a gun and result to leaving each other for dead. The saddest thing about this story is this young girl was killed by her very own brother. We are living in a time where HATE is more powerful than LOVE. I scroll my social media feeds or turn on the T.V. daily and see acts of hatred and violence non-stop. Older generations pride themselves on displaying hate and improper behavior and it’s starting to reflect on the children growing up. We can question this brother and sisters family dynamics. We can even question their mother and fathers parenting and how these children were raised. We can ask a million questions but the fact of the matter is somewhere between the two of them there was a lack of love. Whether it was a lack of love for each other or a lack of love for self, I truly believe that not receiving the proper love and attention causes you to lack compassion or concern over another persons life. Violence is the number one answer for just about anything in the world today and it doesn’t seem like it’s viewed as an issue. So many things are overlooked and swept under the rug. I believe that our main focus should be to focus on becoming being better leading examples and better influences on our children, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, so forth etc.


I was told for years that it takes village to raise a child but what happens when the village’s idea of raising up a child(ren) is tainted or obstructed? How do we feed love into a child and teach a child how to grow if we are displaying hate and misbehavior ourselves? How can preach change yet not support it? My heart aches for a change in this world. I can only imagine what the family of this young girl is going through now that they’ve technically lost two children in a matter of minutes. Justice’s daughter will grow up without knowing the feeling of true love from her biological mother, which could potentially have its negative effects on her and how she goes throughout life. How do you explain to a young girl that her mother was killed by her younger brother the age of 17? How do you tell a child that you have to grow up living without your mother due to a careless act of violence? This isn’t the first occurrence, it won’t be the last, but there is still room to change things.  It’s a vicious cycle that can and should be broken. All we should know is giving love and receiving it, nothing more or nothing less. Violence today has no boundaries racially, socially, or economically. We are all faced with unfortunate acts of violence that claim the lives or our children, family members, and friends daily. We are living in a world that LACKS love, a world where many are misguided and hurt people result to hurting people. The change starts with us! Tragedies like this happen all over the world but it hits closer to the heart when it happens in your own backyards. We all need an immense amount of prayer. When the world starts showing concern, compassion, and stop displaying hatred I think we will all have a better shot at making are communities and environments safer.  Until then I dread thinking about the fate of our futures.

Prayer and condolences to the family of 17 year Old Justice, may she rest peacefully and her daughter grow up lively, happy, healthy, and well guided. 



Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 


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