The Truth About Love.


In life you wonder what love can bring you. I was once the type that everything in my life could have been going perfect but I still felt a certain sense of emptiness when I lacked a companion to share things with. Don’t get me wrong I was content single (when I was) but it’s something about having someone who loves you unconditionally and that is all yours that sends you into another planet. And believe me when you’re single everyone around you looks happily in love if it they are not. It just sucks!

I have come across many situations that I felt it was thee beginning to my happy ending but things never really worked out accordingly. I was so used to the norm. that I wasn’t willing to step outside of my the box. I was used to a certain type of guy or certain type of relationship so I was sticking with what I knew and it limited me so much. I guess the saying “you fear what you don’t know” is true. It seemed logical for me to go after what I knew of or simply just resulting to running back to my past. In my mind that was who I knew was right for me in every type of way. I always gave in, overly extending myself to the ones that I couldn’t get enough of, while on the receiving end they barely gave a sh*t about me.

I think it’s safe to say that in love you need someone who wants to love another living being just as bad as you do. You need someone with a pure mind and heart. Someone who is unselfish and committed to giving you the best that they can while picking up and giving you the things you are incapable of giving yourself.  Companionship/ partnerships are what I like to describe as, “preludes to marriage.” What I mean by that is, every relationship or bond you form with a person is a serious commitment and should be treated as such. Love and connections isn’t a game or something to toy around with. A person’s heart and well being should be taken very seriously. During my years of failed relationships I failed to realize that I was partially to blame for my own hurt, pain, and insecurities. It was I who was giving my all in many situations with others that weren’t even giving me 50%. There was no reciprocity in any form. I had to smarten up and really recognize how worthy I truly was of the full package.

Times change and people change but with all the changes around you, you should always and forever stay true to yourself. Relationships come and go but one relationship that should always remain in tact and true is the one with you. It took me finally taking the time to acknowledge all of the things that I disliked in a relationship which in turn helped me come to terms with what I liked and truly wanted. I don’t always know what I want but I know for damn sure what I don’t want has led me to all of the things that I do want.

It’s something about new love and bonds that offer instant excitement and pleasure to your life. It’s like a breath of fresh air, especially when you know in your heart and mind that one bond is more promising then all the ones before. There’s a quote that I have been seeing a lot of lately and it says: ”There will be someone who comes along and makes you forget why it never worked with anyone else before them.” (Or something to that effect) lol. The truth about love is when you go looking for it you never really find it. Trust me, I’ve been looking and settled for what my idea of love was and I always came up short. There will be times when you’re feeling like you wish you had someone to share life’s moments with, cuddle with, go on dates with, so forth etc. but in reality when you go searching you always return with something you wish you hadn’t found. My best and most honest advice is to work on being a better you than you were the day before. Love comes in many shapes and forms and most importantly, it comes when the timing is right. You never truly know if you’re in a relationship based on love or loneliness until you’ve mastered the art of being alone.

Each person you encounter will make each experience in love or having some sort of an emotional attachment different then all the times before. Just remember to always look out for you. There’s somebody for everybody and when that someone comes along you’ll never settle for anything less then what you have beside you at that very moment. The truth is love was more fulfilling to me when I stopped looking and stopped settling. When you receive what you deserve having less than will never ever and I mean NEVER be an option again. I just concentrated on becoming a better woman and ignored the fact I didn’t have someone around 24/7. I taught myself the value of owning being one with myself. I embraced the idea of being alone and ignored the thoughts that it would be forever until someone walked into my life. The quicker you learn how important you are and the importance of loving yourself is the faster you’ll learn the value of being ready to love and commit to loving someone else. That’s the truth about love!


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