How True Have You Been To Your 2014 resolutions?


December 30, 2013 I shared tips on how to make 2014 a prosperous year. (New Year, New Possibilities. Entering 2014 and keys to making it prosperous) I am not the best at keeping my commitment to new years resolutions and following through with things. I typically promise myself I’ll be more active or I’ll eat healthier. It may the first week or even the first three days but by then I am over it. This year I was a lot more serious to my 2014 commitments and promises to myself. When it comes to surrounding myself with positive energy and making sure I am making good on the promises I made to me about keeping me healthy emotional I had to take them serious. I’ve referenced my promises to myself and continue to make sure that I remaining faithful. I also said that I’d make a commitment to grow spiritually. It isn’t always the easiest thing to do after it’s been said. When you’re faced with so many obstacles and set backs you lose faith and hope that things will work out in your favor. I’ve come to realize that growing spiritually will allow me to control my obstacles and set backs and not let them control me. It’s highly important that we all stay committed to our resolutions. Why do you ask? Because it helps prevent repetitive cycles and you spiraling back into old habits and toxic ways. I know you all took a huge liking to the post on having a prosperous new year but how committed to it have you been? You want to be sure that you’re eliminating all of things you promised yourself that you would eliminate. You also want to be sure that you’re committed to positivity, growth, and believing. Here’s a recap of the promises to commit to that’ll help make 2014 a successful year. Whatever your resolutions were for the New Year we are only 2 months in and I hope you all are still holding yourselves to them.


new year



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