Inspiring Quote: Being Happy!

being happy

Most of us don’t realize or just simply refuse to acknowledge that we control everything that goes on in our lives. When you accept the fact that no one else is responsible for your happiness but you things become so much more clearer. I used to rely on others so much to make me happy and make me feel good about myself. Sadly it had become other peoples responsibility to fill this void in my life. Eventually, I’d be disappointed when others didn’t meet my expectations and provide the happiness that I desired. When I discovered that all I needed was me to achieve that happiness and to be whole things became much easier. There was no one on earth that could steal my joy or rob me of my happiness. When you surround yourself around people who make you feel less than what you’re used to it drains you emotionally. You get tired and burned out of tolerating anything that robs you of that joyous feeling you’ve creating on your own. Keep your happiness. Monitor your surroundings and guard your happiness with all of your life. Don’t tolerate anything or anyone that makes you feel less than the happy joyous person you are. Happy Friday, every day is a GREAT day to be happy!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed


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