Checking In: A Random Post w/ A Short lesson on Love!

valentines day

Hey you guys! I feel like I’ve been so absent from blogging so please forgive me. I’ve certainly missed you all. It’s been a moment since I’ve just rambled on about personal things going on with me. Things have been really hectic lately. Between working, creating new material for the blog, and writing a book, I’ve been doing all that I can to stay sane. Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time working with a company that is helping me with the printing and distribution of my first book Sacrifices Love and Deception. It’s going to be available as a paperback along with the eBook version next week via Amazon. I finally feel accomplished as far as that book goes. It’s been a long process but I am finally tackling the goals I set for the first book. My second book “A Woman’s Quest to Self Love” which is a self help novel I wrote to inspire women is in the final editing stages. I am pressing for a mid April release for that book. I’ll be sure to keep you posted. As you can see I am just overwhelmed with so much. The great thing is I am actually still on a natural high from Valentines Day. Friday, February 14th was such an enjoyable day for me. My other half pulled out all of the stops to make the day was one to remember. I would share details but I’d love to have memories to keep to myself.

In this past week alone I’ve been so busy with writing and work but I’ve been soaking up all of the learning lessons around me. I was chatting with a friend of mine who was dealing with issues regarding her marriage and where she should go from the point she is currently in. I felt terrible that my friend was dealing with uncertainties about her relationship on Valentines Day. Listening to her speak about her relationship I saw my past wrongs and mistakes in her and I wanted to share with her some valuable information in hopes it would spare her relationship. I explained to my friend the beauty of love and how fulfilling it is to experience true love. In my opinion love signifies growth. When you find it in your heart to love one individual & give them your all, I believe that you’re growing mentally and emotionally. It takes a lot to love yourself let along finding it in you to love another human being. So to finally step out into that world it is a new journey. I do believe that it is a hell of a lot easier for women to make this life transition compared to men because it’s what we are taught growing up & ultimately it’s what every girl dreams of. We are taught to be with and devote ourselves to one person so when the time comes all we want is to find that ONE! It’s totally different for guys. Society teaches them that it’s masculine to date multiple women and never be tied down. It’s glorified to be a “player” and have multiple girls. What women have to understand is, sometimes men feel an unlimited amount of pressure. When you’re in a committed relationship with a guy it’s a lot of pressure from society’s standards to be faithful and fully commit to one woman. Most men know exactly what their woman deserves but they don’t want to rush things before they are ready. It’s the pressure of being ready and feeling like it’s too soon. (Check Out Pics from Valentines Day Below)

Valentines Day2Valentines Day3Valentines Day4

I feel like the key to a happy relationship is to let things build & be the way that they are. Too much pressure on your man can only make him feel trapped & the relationship now becomes a job and not a choice. Know the difference tho… There’s a difference from a man who loves you & isn’t ready just yet from a man who will never be ready and enjoys taking you for granted because you allow it. There are moments where I have no idea where my man head is but I know that I enjoy just being his cheerleader, watching him grow, & enjoying being our age because we will only be this young once. I don’t let society determine how my relationship will be. I refuse to beg a man to be with me or make me his wife. I want him to make that decision on his own. I don’t want to try to make it for him or let society, or anyone else try to make the decision. I think the best way for that to happen is to let things be naturally. Live in the moment and not be so pressed for things to be perfect. Enjoy having someone around that enjoys you and your company and vise versa. I told my friend all of this as well as not to ruin a good thing based one what you’ve been taught or told. Always follow your heart. The moral to this story is, enjoy being young. Don’t rush life, & don’t rush love. Give it time to blossom & don’t stunt its growth by forcing it to bloom. Hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day, muah!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 


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