What Defines You?


I always try to do my best to check my attitude during difficult times. While they may not be the best of times or what I hope for, it is always in my best interest to have a positive attitude about my circumstances and have faith that things are going to get better. My patience has gotten so much better since I’ve started writing publicly. I know the heights I’d like my writing career to take but I also know that everything will not happen over night. Anything worth having is worth waiting for and if you didn’t have to work for it, it’s not worth keeping. Patience is an essential key in life. It keeps your faith in tact and ultimately keeps you worry free.

I am very cautious of my attitude when things seem to be going my way. I try not to take advantage of the highs in my life knowing that at any given moment things are subject to change for better or for worse. I focus on giving back when I have everything to give. Giving isn’t always in the form of material objects either. Sometimes people need love, knowledge, support, inspiration, etc. and when you have it why not give unto others as someone one gave unto you when you were in need? There are two things in life that define you but don’t let your attitude when you have everything be the reason you lack patience and faith when you suffer.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 


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