The Power Of Faith and Independence!

Someday’s I just feel like freelancing and sharing random things that are happening in my life. Today is just one of those days 🙂 I woke up this morning and like every morning I have a talk with God and see what he requires of me for the day. This morning my lesson was to know that no matter what I am safe with him. In many ways God has redeemed me from the woman I once was. I am still a work in progress but I take pride in how far he’s brought me. My refusal to allow fear to the lock the door on my life has allowed me step out into the world and be fearless. I’ve also learned to be honest with God. Honesty is key! When you are honest with God and yourself it eliminates you feeling as if you have to put on a facade or portray an individual you are not and NEVER have been. I’ve learned to be honest with me. I’ve learned to look myself in the mirror and be accountable for all of the mistakes I made. Accountability is key to life. When you’re constantly pointing the blame at others for your own suffering you are blocking your healing. Healing is controlled!!!! You control your tolerance level for all of the things in your life that prevent you from healing and becoming a better YOU!

As time passes I feel this enormous wave of independence. I am no longer hindered or afraid to progress. My will to live for me is stronger than it has ever been. My judgment of character gets greater as the days move forward. I’ve learned that it’s extremely important to monitor the people you allow into your personal space. Negativity is contagious and can be detrimental to you and everything around you IF you allow it. Always keep in mind that what you feel often is your inner spirit giving you insight on the direction/path you should take. Know that there is no love greater than being loved by God. When he’s included in your everyday life your mood/attitude shifts. You pray more and worry less. You smile more and frown less. Happiness and love are life’s two greatest essentials. The love you carry in your heart and how you love and feel about self is ultimately your reflection of others. If your relationships have no stability, consistency, or just aren’t pure genuine, I find it wise to reevaluate how YOU feel about YOU. This wave of independence that’s come over me feels good. For once it isn’t about Money, a good job, nice cars and clothes. Now it’s just all about being happy and being consistent on this new life journey. I can conquer this independently without feeling forced or without feeling like I am in trouble or suffering so it’s best to call on God. These days I carry my faith and incorporate it in everything I do. I never hesitate to give thanks because I know that everything I do, touch, experience, etc. is a blessing and/or lesson. Always, give and receive love. Be open to change and new beginnings and know that no matter what it is NEVER too late to HEAL and move FORWARD!

Be inspired, Be Encouraged, Be Blessed. 



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