You Can’t Force Shxt Find Your Peace Until It Arrives



You can’t force writing…

I don’t like to force it and half ass anything when it comes to new writing material. It has to just flow. Which explains my lack of consistency with post lately. I’ve been forcing things to come to mind lately and it just hasn’t been working. I’ve listened to music, thought of past experiences, even watched some really emotional movies yet still, nothing came to mind. I sat at work clicking away at my keyboard with my note book right next to me and still not an ounce of inspiration. By the end of my work day I hurriedly packed up my desk to leave work after a stressful day of failed account reconciliations. I was starving, in need of something sweet, and on top of it all I had to ride home in bumper to bumper traffic. For days I’ve been dealing with a major brain fart and completely unable to put anything into words onto paper. Had I lost my mojo? Where was my inspiration? I even got scared for a moment when the thought crossed my mind: “maybe I just don’t have it anymore.” As my day dragged on I continued to look at the same page, in my same note book, that had nothing but the date written on it. Writers block was on overdrive and had been for over a week, it was becoming sickening.

By the time I had gotten to my destination after work, I was greeted with a huge smile and great big kiss. I took off my shoes, ate a fruit roll up and kicked my feet up. Instantly there was a shift in my mood and I felt more relaxed. I looked over my shoulder outside and got a glimpse of just how beautiful the day was.

The stress from my day was melting away.

I stood out on the balcony overlooking the city as my man played video games. I stared at him and back out at the view for what seemed like forever. I couldn’t decide which view (him or over looking the city) was bringing me more joy at the current moment. I stood out on that balcony for what seemed like forever and inhaled the air as it smacked me dead in my face. My eyes squinted as the sun smiled directly at me. In the blink of an eye I had found peace from my stress and felt compelled enough to jot it all down and share. The moral to my story is OVER THINKING KILLS! I over analyzed what every writer has experienced in their lifetime and will experience for as long as they continue to write. Writers block isn’t something new to me but yet I let it control my mind instead of finding my peace and letting it pass. The longer it took for me to find the inspiration to write, the more doubtful and worried I got that something would never come.

It’s that way with everything in life, writer or not. Don’t let your over thinking overpower you and confuse you into thinking what you already believed. Just because it isn’t there YET doesn’t mean it will never come. The trick is to not force things and find your peace in between those crazy thoughts and all things hectic. When you’re at peace you’re less worried about the outcome of it all and more focused on what you’re gaining and if life for you is enjoyable despite what hasn’t shown up yet. Don’t let your writers block force you into thinking it’s the end of the road (literally and metaphorically speaking) Just when you think it’s the end new things suddenly begin.


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