To whom much is given much is tested



They say our toughest battles in life are those given to you to make you stronger. All my life I’ve dealt with the inevitable. Sometimes I think back on all of my trials and the things I put myself through because other people insisted on causing me pain and I can’t believe all that I’ve endured. I’ve never felt comfortable with confiding in “friends” because at some point they’d use whatever I’ve shared in my most vulnerable moments against me. I had begun to keep journals at a very young age because it was simply the only way that I could vent and trust that what I am sharing will never be used against me, shared outside of the conversation, or even worse have someone judge me. I think in life we want nothing more than to find peace and have it for eternity, then we stumble and start to question life and our overall existence when we feel that the peace we are ever so hungry for is hard to obtain. I discovered that letting go and continuing to grow is the only way to feel a sense of peace and contentment in life.

I’d harbor on so much and try to determine where I went wrong in the past and eventually I’d find myself without peace, happiness, and a piece of mind. I was struggling. I was holding on to so much of what I was given instead of letting go and moving forward. You are nothing of what you are given in life no matter where it’s come from. You can face your most difficult struggles but because it’s placed into your life it doesn’t mean that you own it. Let the things in life that you are given TEST you but learn to let the negative feelings that come along with them go.

I can admit that, I deal with a lot of the same issues repeatedly because I have yet to remove the negativity and move forward. I find myself dwelling more and more or the same past situations or even worse, involving myself with the same types of individuals when I know what the outcome is. You’re often promised to experience the same things over and over until you’ve taken what you’ve learned and grow from it. You have to be able to identify with who and what you’re dealing with and recognize when it’s unhealthy. There are times when we know that all of the things we allow into our lives are in our best interest yet we tolerate them anyway. We do what we know, we tolerate what we are accustomed to, and we rest where we are comfortable because it feels good.

It’s perfectly ok to not interact with someone or get involved with something because you feel like it’s beneath you or you’ve outgrown it. Something’s do not deserve your time or your attention and that is ok. You have to one with who you are and confident enough in yourself to know that you are better than what you allow in your life or that you’re better than your circumstances. Peace is promised when you stand up and take a hold of your life. Your toughest battles in life are battles only because your creator created you equipped with the necessities that you need to fight through those battles. We are all guilty of feeling defeated in a storm but feel brand new when we think about all that you went through but you made it out alive and well. I’ve overcome a lot but it is mostly because I’ve grown to know that what I am given is a test and it doesn’t make or break who I am.

Given to me is the ability to recognize my womanly strengths. I have found in me the strength to ignore all things that pertain to ignorance and anything that does not bring peace into my life. I understand that those who feel threatened or insecure will try to tear me down to their level in their most vulnerable states or when they are feeling weak, I will not allow them to prevail. Be true to who you are and know that the battles in life are merely test preparing you for what you are called to do on this earth.


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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