Your 20 Something’s



I am quickly learning that as a woman in this world, growing into who you truly are is hard. It’s even harder as a woman in your 20’s because when you were younger you expected to have the whole damn world figured out. You saw your life all worked out and benefitting you by now. Honestly, in my make believe world my bridal shower is tomorrow and my wedding is scheduled for late July LOL. Life never happens on our time but it always happens on time, when it’s supposed to. It took me years to figure out the concept that I have to be prepared for all of the things that I pray for. I have to be molded into that six figure woman before I become her. I have to learn to accept criticism and run in the other direction when I am walking head on into conformity. I have to know what it feels like to experience sudden change and know that my life doesn’t stop because of it. “If shit changes, you change with it girl. Don’t be down on yourself or give up because life is up and down at the moment.” I always tell myself that and it honestly keeps me moving forward.

I had to learn that every frog I kiss isn’t my prince. Relationships are damn hard and you won’t get it all right on the first try. Just like I am going through changes the man I love is probably experiencing them too and freaking the hell out. You can’t condemn others for their uncertainty about their journey and indecisiveness when daily you experience your own. I learned that you’ll lose friends, it’s inevitable. Friendships aren’t always promised. You are with and around certain people for time periods throughout your life. How you determine your growth as individuals and collectively is, if you’re still doing the same things and they’re changing and vice versa. If your life is at a standstill like a mannequin in Saks, you have a problem. I used to be the girl who always hopped on a plane, jet setted around and partied. I wasn’t really taking life seriously. I had a plan, I knew what I wanted out of life but I partied and traveled to avoid taking care of responsibilities. For years I proclaimed to be an author before I actually sat my busy a** down and started writing. I passed up being accepted into FIDM which had been my dream for YEARS out of fear of growing and being responsible. I eventually had to take accountability for my actions and sit down with myself and set a plan to get on track.  No matter how easy it seems, you CANNOT run from your life. “Life is real” I thought to myself one day. Yea, I had great jobs over the years, I always maintained my life and never really needed assistance from my parents but it wasn’t what I wanted to do forever. I didn’t plan on being top executive assistant forever and I still don’t. I have a plan honey and I am putting it into motion. I had to see that it was time to get serious about my life and it’s transition. I started losing friends left and right and threw away that girl who I claimed to be or thought I was.

I’ve never been the party girl type or the one who was always on the scene. I was the reserved girl, the girl who was about her business and constantly worked hard for what she wanted. I saw that as I changed those that I surrounded myself with stayed the same so it was time for me to distance myself. Now at “20 something” I know in my heart I am on the right track and no one will ever be able to tell me otherwise. I face many failures and life obstacles every day but I keep thriving. As an author and a blogger I am making a name for myself and it’s a struggle. There are moments I want to give up but I keep fighting because quitting isn’t in my blood. As an author trying to build her name I will continue to strive and continue to be led by my faith and not by sight. I will not limit myself to just one thing or hustle. You can never have too many goals and dreams. Life isn’t limited to us. You’re free to do whatever you feel called to do but we first have to stop limiting ourselves. We have to stop setting limitations and feeling like we don’t have time. We have to stop comparing our lives to those around us and JUST LIVE. Life isn’t a race. You’ll get there when you get there. Try it all until you find complete peace and happiness and success in whatever it is. I am reserved, calm, and a workaholic and it’s just me. I don’t argue with it but I know that this is who I am opposed to who I pretended to be years ago. At “20 something” I’m in a weird space in my life currently. I barely have friends or anything like that, I am just on the go fulfilling my destiny. God is transitioning me into a new place that’s unknown for me and I want to be worthy of that. I don’t want to ruin it trying to be someone I’m not. I want to stay on my current path so that when the timing is right I will receive all that I have worked for and everything that I lack God will fill my life with but right now he’s working on me. Take control of your life. Your “20 something’s” are a time for growth and understanding of the true you and if you’re rushing you’ll miss it all. Cherish the people God has blessed you with on your journey because they may not always be there. Be true to who you are and NEVER give up on finding your true self trying to be someone else. Peace and Blessings to you all.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 


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