Day 171 of 365-Why It’s Beneficial For You To Be Proud Of YOU




Lying on my couch watching re-runs of friends with sore feet today, I realized that June is coming to a close. Is it just me or is this year flying on by? I can remember the very day I posted my final post of 2013:

I felt so excited to be to be stepping into a new year but not even a week into it, a slight feeling of fear had come over me. I was thinking of all the things I hadn’t done, all that I needed to do, and what if I couldn’t do them. When the future lies ahead it seems as if our minds are plagued with negative thoughts. I was once afraid to embark on the journey of the New Year and now look, its day 171 or 365 and I am hungry for me. Everything about this year has been far from peachy but I am growing and I learn and learning as I grown and you just can’t beat that can you? A friend of mine asked me how I stay motivated daily to all that I do. I write books, I blog, I work a full time job, working on going back to school, all while still trying to maintain a social life. (Which I am obviously failing at!) 20140428-075338.jpgI thought momentarily about my friends question and the answer was simple, “I find things about myself that I’ve accomplished thus far and I am proud of. Being proud of myself makes me feel accomplished and the feeling of accomplishment keeps me thriving for more. Let’s admit it; we all get down on ourselves ever so often because despite how good we are to life it can be pretty down right dirty to us. We’re faced with obstacles daily but finding things about yourself that you’ re proud to say you’ve done really helps you to keep moving forward. (Well at least it does for me.) I took my response to my friend in and thought deeply about it. After contemplating I realized that there is so much that I’ve done for self that I should be so very grateful for and proud of lately.


My number one accomplishment is that I’ve learned to focus more on finding who I truly am as a person, whether it’s feeding my soul with the word of God and connecting with him spiritually or reading new books to help me soul search it’s been truly helping me in my journey to find who I am. I have been learning to connect with myself with hopes to rid my mind, body and spirit of negative habits. I’ve been focusing a lot more on not letting the world consume me or force me into being someone I am not. Focusing more on yourself can really change your outlook on life and how you feel daily. Not dwelling on the past and focusing on what’s in the present has really helped me a lot as well. Taking my writing seriously has really showed growth and just how much I value my future. If there is nothing in the world that I have to be proud about, the work that I’ve been putting in and committing myself to being a well known author and blogger. The struggle as been REAL, I can say that it makes me extremely proud to know that I am no longer just talking the talk I am walking the walk. This year has been flying by so fast. We are mid way through it and it’s easy for any us to feel like nothing has been done in this short time, trust me I know the feeling.


The key to rejecting those negative thoughts and feelings is to acknowledge and appreciate your many blessings. There are days where I am so caught up in the things that I do not have, it overshadows what I do have. You have to be appreciative and satisfied everyday throughout life. It’s so much easier said then done, but when can’t appreciate what you have in the now, you’re blocking your blessings and not making room for what’s to come. Learn to be proud of what you have in the present because for every gift that you are blessed with currently there are far more blessings out there in the world with your name on them.


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