You Never Know Whose Life You’re Impacting


Very often I get comments and messages from my readers who are subscribed to There’s never a message that I receive that I am not touched by. Yesterday one of my readers shared a post about her getting hired as flight attendant. Just months prior to this post she wrote me and explained how she was really struggling to hold it all together and my post here on the blog and everything that I display outside of it has inspired her to keep going in life. Keep in mind, we’ve never met in person and live in totally different states. She explained to me how she had given up on a lot and every time she felt defeated she’d get an email alert that I had posted a new blog and it helped bring her back into reality. So you all can only imagine my excitement and joy seeing her happy about her new position. It was a very proud moment for the both of us.

For her, she could celebrate that her life was taking off and for me, I was able to see someone who was fighting an internal war and dealing with so much finally get that chance of a breakthrough. It put a smile on my face and I knew if God was doing it for her and I got to witness, he’d do it for anyone. Why am I sharing this you’re asking? Well I’ll get to the point now. I commented on her post to congratulate her on her recent success and her response brought me to tears. She told me that I play a big role in her life and that motivates her and helps her to become a better person everyday. I am even getting teary eyed as I write all of this. I never knew the true extent of being careful of what you deliver to the world until I started writing publically. Yes, when you say it, it is pretty clear cut and straight to the point right? But to actually take that into account and give the world something that you never thought that you were capable of giving and they feed off it is a miracle in itself. I find that when I write I am writing for many but also it’s like therapy and a coaching session for me as well.

ig photo

I am often reminding myself of what to continue to do and what to rid my life of in order to stay on track. If you’ve read my book “A Woman’s Quest to Self-Love” you know what God has brought me through. There’s so much that has been removed from my life that I have been delivered from and I will never take those blessings for granted. Instead I choose to use them to my advantage. I’ve taken all of the bad that I’ve experienced and I use it as tools to motivate others to not travel down the same path or to find another route if they’ve chosen to derail. It’s my gift to the world and it’s what truly brings me joy. The moral to my story is, monitor what you put out into the world. It’s amazing what others see and take notes from. You want what you put out into the universe to be a positive representation of who are or who you are becoming. There’s no greater feeling than positively impacting one’s life and more importantly there’s no greater feeling than changing your own. You never know whose lives you’re impacting or changing for the better, be mindful!


(If you’re reading know that my heart is filled with joy for you and as long as you believe with you whole heart, God has a million and one blessings with your name on it. I am so proud of you, Stay faithful! )

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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