How To Be Successful via Tyler Perry

Since I’ve started writing (many moons ago) I had a rare undeniable love for it. No matter what I did or tried to pursue outside of my love for writing, nothing filled me up quite like it. I’ve always knew I wanted to be an author and daily I’m telling people you’re looking at your future National Best Seller.

I have a fuel in me when it comes to books and creating them. It is a God given gift. I notice that when I try to focus on other things it doesn’t really pan out and I quickly learned it was because I wasn’t called to do it. I believe in my heart writing and touching others lives through words is my purpose in life. I don’t know when, I don’t know where but all that I dream will come to pass. Even when I’m discouraged and feel unsuccessful, the fire in me and love for it keeps me going. God said it and whatever he said he WILL DO!

I found a very inspiring video by Tyler Perry titled: “How To Be Successful. I joke with everyone and say always: “don’t hate when I’m writhing for Tyler..” Lol I’m always looking to greats such as he for encouraging and uplifting words. I was moved by this video and I hope that you all are too. Check out the video below!


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