Just How Obedient Are You


On Sunday, my pastor said that sometimes we obey God it isn’t always about JUST obeying him, it’s about fully obeying him and carefully obeying. God may speak something over your life but you may jump ahead of him because you’ve failed to carefully follow instructions as they were told to you. How can you act upon something that you have not fully followed instructions on? Know what he’s saying, and be mindful of all of the instructions he’s giving to you. An example my pastor gave and that I could relate to was, God may tell us to start our own business one day. While it may be an instruction he has given us, he has not instructed us to quit our day jobs and go out and try to start this business without any support, structure, or real knowledge. At times we rush ahead, so busy trying to fulfill our own wants without the proper tools to do so. We’re just always so in a rush to get things done and constantly looking for instant gratification, so much so, we miss out on a lot of blessings. It’s all about GOD’s timing and carefully obeying him! More than ever these days, I am listening to God but I am not moving ahead of him just because he’s revealed something to me. We often wonder why we fail at things and struggle in so many areas in our lives. The struggle begins because we heard what we were told but missed the instructions. We moved ahead of God trying to satisfy ourselves. I am learning more and more every day to be fully aware of not only what God is telling me but to act only when I am instructed and when I am prepared. Building a blessing takes time, knowledge, and effort. You get there by listening and carefully moving toward the things you wish to pursue in life. Obeying God means that you’re fully and CAREFULLY in obedience to his word and not taking actions based on what you thought you heard or what works best for you. It’s all apart of life and if you’re not learning then you aren’t living. While I have made this mistake many, many, many, times in the past, I am working on changing and bettering my mistakes for my future. Be patient, be obedient, and stay prayerful and faithful!!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.  


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