Rape and The Sensitivity of The Subject

I am currently writing a fiction story that touches on rape as a subject in the story. It’s not in a way to be insensitive to victims but more so to shed light on the issues that derive after it takes place. I’ve recently been reading in the news about a young girl named Jada who was raped and shortly after, pictures of her rape went viral. If all of that wasn’t traumatic enough for Jada, young boys went online mocking her in photos using the hashtag #JadaPose.

There are some girls who are targeted by these young heartless little boys just because of who they are. I feel as though most rapist prey on the weak. And then there are the bold guys, the ones who let the words leave there lips “she was asking for it.” I never believed that a way a woman/girl dresses or acts subjects her to such ferocious behavior. So I wanted to tell a tale, about a girl who although her actions may have been out of the ordinary for her age, it does not mean she’s entitled to be taken advantage of. There’s positive and negative sides to rapes going viral and the victims being exposed. Some victims stand strong and are brave like Jada or it’s the complete opposite that occurs.

My heart still breaks for a mother here in the Bay Area whose daughter’s naked pictures with viral throughout her school. Shortly after a young boy leaked the photos, the young, beautiful, and vibrant girl committed suicide. And I’ll never forget another young girl who was raped by several boys at her school after hours. All of the suspects are currently serving time for their careless actions. I say all of this to say that rape is not at all treated how it once was. Rape was once a matter that was taken seriously and the victims were guarded and protected. Now victims are being mocked, joked about and exposed all over social media. I felt a little insensitive creating a fictional story that touches on the subject but then I thought about people reading a story and it coming to life in their own minds and hopefully it tugs at a few hearts. There are many who don’t sympathize much with every young girl who may have felt she acted a certain or did things differently but that should not have made her a target to be taken advantage of. Share your insight. I am still working on the story while contemplating on posting it. I’d really love to know your thoughts and how you all feel about me sharing it. xoxo


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