On The Run


Yes, This Really Happened…

So the last leg of the Mr. and Mrs. Carters highly anticipated On The Run Tour ended at home for me. Right in the heart of San Francisco, CA at AT&T park. In the days leading up to the night I was kind of nonchalant about attending the concert. It wasn’t until driving across the bay bridge that it hit me; I am going to go see two of my favorite artist in the world. I drove across the bridge with my windows down, music blaring as loud as it could go. I smiled singing the lyrics to Jay Z’s – Roc Boyz and  Big Pimpin. (Two of my favs.) No shade to the Queen B but I have been a Jay fan far before my mother let me listen to Rap music, so having the opportunity to see him live again after so long I was over the moon. I got home from the city and was in my bed at 12:30am and back up for work by 4:00am, so this was serious. Anyways, before the show started I had a Giant’s ballpark hot dog because it was so necessary. I also had D’usse and ginger ale to kick off my night. (A little cocktail ain’t never hurt nobody) By the time I had a quick snack and drink I was ready for the show. When the lights went off and the footage started to run I could not keep my composure. I kept leaning over and telling my little sis, “I can’t believe this is happening.” I danced to every Beyoncé song and was in sync while singing because I’ve watched every tour DVD millions of times so I know all the keys and dance moves. I went hoarse rapping to Jay Z, appropriately dressed; draped in my Tupac cropped top and leather leggings. Frankly, the entire night I could not stop smiling. It’s amazing how one night can really change your whole summer.  Several months back I wrote a post titled: “6 inspiring things I’ve learned from the Carters.” They are two people who feature whoisamberjanae.com frequently. I’ve always admired their work ethic individually and collectively. To actually see them in action together, IN PERSON, for the very first time blew me away. I was even more inspired and motivated. Nonetheless, the On The Run Tour was a really great show and experience overall. Seeing two of my favorite performers together on one stage was money well spent. I had a blast and I hope my photos and videos serve as a source of entertainment for you all. If you missed the tour live, HBO will be airing a special in September if you’re just as crazy about the Carters as I am.  

ontherun3ontherun5ontherun4OTROTR2SAN FRANCISCOOTR4<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/sWHuBstrZ1E” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


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