Whoisamberjanae Merch May Be Something In The Works For Me Soon


Hi All, I hope that your holiday weekend was amazing. I had a great weekend; I had a chance to relax and really get out and have a great time with the people that I love. On Monday (Labor Day) I went out to a local music festival with a friend to support some of my closest friends. I had an amazing time just enjoying the company of friends and locals. The highlight of my day was the fact that I had chosen to wear one of my Whoisamberjanae tee-shirts to the event. I got so many compliments and inquiries on how and where the tee’s can be purchased. Honestly, getting the shirts made was just a way for me to put my brand on full display while out in public. I even added my own little chic touch and made mine into a crop top. I never really toyed with the idea of making them available to the public for others to wear and support as well. I was over the moon and super excited every time I got a question about my shirt or a compliment on it. I created the #Whoisamberjanae logo earlier this year. At that moment, I was just focused on creating new ideas for the brand and came up with this really catchy look. It was all about having something catchy, yet easy on the eye to represent the brand. I wanted something that looked good and made sense.


 If you haven’t noticed, a lot of my self-made graphics feature photos or illustrations of me. When creating, I like all of what I create to be a true representation of who I am. I want what I put out into the world to represent me but also be something I can share with my readers. I think it’s simply amazing to be able to wear something that you, yourself created all on your own. I think it’s even more amazing when you have other people who want to wear and support your brand just as much as you do. The whole merchandise aspect of the blog is still very much new to me, but it’s in the works. There’s still a lot of logistics and kinks to iron out. I am working diligently on this though, because I am really excited to bring it to life. I would love to have some tee’s and maybe sweatshirts available by early winter. (target goal but not certain) I wanted to put the word out there now and get an overall opinion on the idea from my readers (you) first.  Just know that I am working on all of the deets to get this project up and running.


 I will be sure to keep those of you who are interested in Whoisamberjanae logo tee’s posted on the progress. As soon as I am ready to start accepting orders, you all will be the first to know. If you have any ideas or pointers that you’d like to contribute, feel free to shoot me an email at: contactingamberjanae@gmail.com or leave a comment below. Xoxo!


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed


3 thoughts on “Whoisamberjanae Merch May Be Something In The Works For Me Soon

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