Mid Week Motivation: Work To Become Not To Acquire


The more I seek personal growth the more I continue to gain so much knowledge and wisdom. So, everyday I just ask God to use me. I ask him to Help me and guide me to be of assistance to this world. Several weeks ago I shared a post, “Maturity Doesn’t Come With Age.” In that post I spoke on my younger years and how they lacked value. I spent many years working hard to acquire meaningless things. So much time was wasted. Valuable time I could have been utilizing to become someone or create something great.

As I write my fourth book, I think of my past and how it felt so unpromising. I never felt capable, I felt I needed to conform or fit in with the world. All the while I was stunting my own growth. Imagine your power. Visualize your strength and capabilities. Combine those things with your possibilities that are limitless when you don’t seek to be the same as those around you. Your own identity is so powerful. Conformity will limit you and kill potential.

I do what I do in order to be able to show younger girls, women my age and older that there are no limitations on life. There is nothing that says you can’t come out of a multitude of bad seasons. There are no rules that say because you failed more than once it’s the end. There are no laws that say pain is our only destination. Set backs, pain, mistreatment, missed opportunities, they’re all temporary. Forget what you’re told, success is promised. Work hard and trusting in God is all that you need to make life happen. Don’t let having a day job, having no job, a “regular” job, or having absolutely NOTHING, stop you or stand in the way of you pursuing your dreams. No beginning is too small or mediocre. Small beginnings are just that, beginnings. JK Rowling is now one of the worlds most known authors yet, she was once on welfare with kids to feed. Terry McMillan wasn’t always the known author she is, however her commitment and dedication is how she became the most sought after author with best selling novels and movies. These are the thoughts that keep me going. I am not looking around me because that image is tainted. Society has distorted our perceptions so much so I don’t rely on what society says or thinks. Society is wrong. Dreams are real. I rely on my faith, prayer, and positive influences. Trust in life that you may stumble, you may struggle, but there is always a way to overcome a barrier or obstacle. No pain or struggle is promised forever. The only thing promised from struggle and pain is experience, knowledge and growth. Find what you love, perfect it and find ways to share it with the world.

The goal is not to seek riches or superficial things, the goal is to live out your purpose and become a better person overall while loving yourself and others. Everything else is just a bonus. Death to living in this world and just existing, find meaning, grow in purpose. Complacency is a disease!!! Don’t ever be satisfied with just enough. Know in your soul that no dream of yours is too big and no prayer is too small. This is not coming from someone who “made it.” This is coming from someone who strives for greatness, is still working her ass off but can see the bigger picture ahead. These are words of a believer, encouragement from a survivor. Find positive influences while working on perfecting your craft. Do something daily that contributes to your future. Stop dwelling on what’s going on around. Don’t live for what’s behind you. Trust that the forces that are for you are far more greater than the forces coming against you. Work hard to become something great, creat a legacy. You can work to become and have your legacy live on or you can work to acquire and forever live with things of no value. Work to become not acquire, be wise!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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