It’s Amazing How Much Can Occur In One Year

It’s amazing how much progression can occur within a year. I am sitting here really taken aback at how much has changed since I first released Sacrifices Love and Deception. A year ago on this day I published this post: “The Wait Is Over For Sacrifices Love and Deception.” It was an indescribable feeling to wake up and be celebrating not only the release of my very first e-Book, but also the fact that the blog had managed to score 6,000 views. Now, a year later, I have not just an e-Book but printed books as well. Also, has quadrupled the amount it reached on this day last year. It’s so important to me that I don’t follow numbers and views. It’s one hell of a distraction in my opinion. It’s less about the numbers and more about the work. What I do follow is the progression that this project has made in 365 days. Before, all I had was an e-Book and a prayer that one day I’d be able to hold a physical copy of my book in hand. Throughout this year it’s been very trying but that prayer along with many other blessings came to pass. Not only have I had the chance to see the day I get printed copies of my first book, but I’ve done interviews for live radio, online magazines and blogs. I’ve had the pleasure of designing my own covers and seeing it come to life on a paperback. And my most proud moment was seeing my book sit tall on the shelf at Barnes and Noble right next to other incredible authors.



I have seen so much of what I’ve prayed for come to fruition and for that I am forever humbled and grateful. I do not take anything for granted. Don’t get it twisted though; I still celebrate these beautiful moments while I continue to work hard on what’s to come next. During the process of writing this book I was also writing two others. Both of which I released this year. I feel like if anything were to ever happen to me (God forbid) I would leave behind some of my biggest dreams to share with the world.

You all don’t understand…

As a young girl I would fall asleep in my 1st period math class because I stayed up all night finishing full novels. I would read full novels in one day! I had mini book clubs with other girls in my 6th period Spanish class. Those same girls have turned to women and email me all the time and tell me how they “remember when” and how proud they are of me. I hardly talk about what’s been done, I just continue to share. I hate to feel as if I am boasting or bragging about what I’ve accomplished. Every now and then it’s meant for us to stop and smell the roses. Today I am sitting, smiling, and inhaling the exquisite scent of my life’s roses. I am humbled and blessed. My heart is full right along with my spirit. I know that each day another milestone is reached it is God’s way of showing me it’s paying off. God has shown me on more than one occasion if I do what I can, he will do all that I cannot. I tell myself every morning: “Believe in your brand girl. Trust that God is opening up doors that no man can shut.” I am extending that same quote to all of you reading this. Believe in your brand but also believe in other people’s dreams as well. It’s so easy to block your progression by routing for others to lose when you can simply cheer them on to win.

As I am going through the process of writing Sacrifices Love and Deception 2 (my fourth book to date) I just feel so accomplished. I feel so blessed to be able to contribute so much of my time into something that I love. Something that is now my life! Your light will never dim another person’s light (vise versa). I encourage other writers to keep writing. Write that book, keep publishing those blog posts. We are the future authors and bloggers so why not empower each other to be great? Again, I walk proud but so graciously humble. I want to thank all of you who support and all of you who have ever purchased the books. Whether you loved it or hated it, you took the time out to support my work. I thank you all so much… Follow your dreams you guys. Let God guide you into your purpose. Do all that you ever dreamed of doing and more. Don’t ever be afraid to fail, be afraid that you aren’t willing to risk the possibility to fail. I’ve failed, I’ve succeeded and I am still standing. This is only the beginning!


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


2 thoughts on “It’s Amazing How Much Can Occur In One Year

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