The Wait Is Over for Sacrifices Love and Deception (9/15/13)


(Please Note That This Post Was Originally Published On: September 5th, 2013)

I woke up this morning, Thursday, September 05, 2013 and found myself celebrating the fact that has reached six thousand view/reads. That’s 1,000 more than last month alone and I truly thank all of you for being loyal supporters and readers. With that accomplishment to celebrate, the official release of my book overshadowed everything. I’ve been letting you all know for the past year how the book was going, the progress I was making and what to expect from the final product. Finally, the long awaited Urban Fiction Anthology, Sacrifices Love and Deception is now available for your reading pleasure. (EBooks ONLY)

Do you know how hard it is to sell yourself and a story to a publisher these days? It’s HARD! So many doors were shut on me. Most of those that I knocked on were never opened at all. I thought to myself: “why release one book to the world when I can compile a bunch of mini stories into one and create a drama filled ride?” So that’s exactly what I did! Instead of one story, I took 5 short stories and let my imagination run free with hopes of successfully capturing my audience. While working on this project I tried to put myself in my reader’s shoes. I thought of all of the things that I find myself doing while I read books by other authors. I did my best to create those things with this book. I thought less of creating a scene and instead I focused on giving you all something to envision. I left out creating settings, providing cities, states, etc. All because I wanted your imaginations to run wild. I wanted you all to place these characters in whatever setting you imagined while I provided the drama, storyline and excitement. Each story has its fair share of Love, Deception and Sacrifices. What I didn’t forget to include is the outcome and the reality of every situation. There’s a life lesson or reality check in each and every story.

I grew up reading fiction novels. Most of which were read far ahead of the time I should have been reading them. I was indulging in content I am sure a teenager shouldn’t have been reading. That never stopped me. I remember reading and every book I ever read, no matter what place setting the author provided in their book, in my mind I could place them wherever I wanted while still enjoying an amazing story. I always had a book to read as a child and now that I am an adult that hasn’t changed. Well it has a little because now I am writing them. I never really stopped reading in spite of how times have changed. I will go to Barnes & Noble, drink my Starbucks and sit there for hours enjoying Tracy Brown’s latest novel or the newest good read by Keisha Ervin. My imagination never stopped soaring and it soared until I finally decided that I am capable of doing all of the things I read and was fascinated by. My goal in life is to get the new generation and the generations coming up to get back into reading. I want us all to learn to love and exercise the beauty of our imaginations. As a child I remember kids aspiring to be doctors, lawyers, firefighters, and those were the good days. Now, today’s generation aspires to be rappers, strippers, pimps or hustlers. At some point we lost sight of our imaginations. We got so fixated on the world around us that we stopped believing that the things we imagine will some day come to life.


I read books growing up and imagined that I was reading my own books. I was unsure of how I’d ever make it happen. I didn’t know what day it would happen. Until the day it finally did. I was always scared to fail but I knew one day all that I imagined I would come to life. Now that God has brought all of what I ever imagined to fruition I am not concerned where I go from this day forward. I am only concerned that it has happened and it can only continue to flourish. I stand proud knowing that I have been a leading example to my peers and people across the world that having your own dreams, living out your own imagination and bringing it to life is ok. I encourage you all do imagine it, dream of it, execute it and make it reality. It is NEVER too late to pursue a dream, but don’t find yourself remembering all the things you didn’t do when you had the opportunity. Below is a complete list of online distributors where you can purchase Sacrifices, Love, and Deception. Be sure to also tweet me, Facebook, or email your feedback. Also, PLEASE visit and look for me and provide feedback once you’ve completed the book. Post your reviews wherever you purchase the book. Thank you all for your support and Happy Reading!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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