I was running, running for dear life. I was running so far my spirit almost jumped from my body.

When they’d see me running they’d ask who it was that I was running from. Always I frantically replied nobody.
I kept running. I continued to run until I was out of breath.

I had to run because what I was running from nearly drained me dry until I almost had nothing left.

I didn’t stop for water, I didn’t breathe deeply for air. I ran constantly trying to escape. Getting away was my only care.

And then one day my running came to an abrupt stop.
My heart started thumping and my stomach dropped.

My emotions were reacting in a familiar behavior. They had finally met their savior.
No more running, no more need to hide. No more paid and death to all of the tears I had cried.

I rested in solace and found peace in his mystery. I loved him like no other, giving him every piece of me.

Time traveled on and I had begun to feel drained again. That familiar feeling had started to cause pain again.
I couldn’t bear another heart ache. There wasn’t much more that my heart could take.

I walked out the door prepared to leave. I stopped dead in my tracks, I was stunned. I had no choice but to keep running.

The one I loved had become an exact replica of who I was originally running from.

(If you’re interested in more poetry order a copy of The Root-A Compilation of Poetry Today.)


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