For The Love of Blogging: 5 Key Points I Feel Keep My Blog Alive


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When I first began blogging it was essentially because I needed a way to express myself other than the old fashion way with pen and a note pad. I’ve been blogging for about 6 years now. Before there was there was During the first go round of starting my blog I had no idea what I was doing. I started to share written pieces. Slow the blog morphed into a photo collage mixed with poetry and short stories. Over time became a hot mess. It had no real structure and consistency. I blame that on me jumping head first into something not being too sure of where I wanted to go with it.  I chose to give blogging a break and cool my jets for a while. I knew that if my plan was to go into it and be great at it, it had to be of quality. I took some time to brainstorm and really decide what I wanted out of revamping Whoisamberjanae. I needed to really decide on what I wanted to come of it. Then I birthed It initially started off as a platform for me to showcase my talents as an up and coming author and to market my books/portfolio. I would share my short stories online and it started to gain me a lot of attention. I did notice the love and attention I got when I shared my honest views and opinions in personal post. After sharing a relationship post almost two years ago titled: “The Impatient Woman Vs. The Good Man.” I saw the impact I had on being open and honest and sharing my views. I had a bit of an “AH-HA” blogging moment. So there I was revamping and reinventing and incorporating some extra touches to further advance as a blogger and author. As time traveled, I started to wonder what it truly takes to have a successful blog for a long period of time and keep it going. I read a lot online to try to answer my own question. At the time there were a lot of different answers for me. I knew if I wanted to know what it took I need to study what works for me. I have discovered 5 key points that have kept going and alive.

  • Know Your Audience. When I first started blogging I knew from day one that my target audience was going to be women. I knew that the topics I was sharing gave me a sense of connection to women. We’d be able to connect and relate. I picked my target audience and stuck to it. It was a blessing that men of all ages found my blog to be of interest and a source of inspiration as well.
  • Be Consistent. There were times when I’ve tried new things to switch it up but it never quite worked. I feel that when you’re passionate about something push that and be consistent with it. I find it okay to incorporate new things and revamp as long it’s consistent with what currently exist. You don’t want to gain an audience for one thing and lose that same audience by incorporating too much of something that originally helped you gained your following.
  • Do Your Best to Network. I was once afraid to get out there and network with other bloggers mainly because I wasn’t confident in enough with my blog. When I centered in on what I had to offer and stopped worrying about others networking became easier for me. It’s great to meet other individuals with like interest, who share the same aspirations that you can share ideas with or gain inspiration from. It’s beneficial to network with others just to get yourself out there. I have also learned it doesn’t always have to be about how I can benefit from those that I meet. I’ve met some amazing woman/men simply through networking and they’ve become inspiring people I enjoy having in my life.
  • Be Fearless. You can’t be afraid to take risk when blogging. I used to be afraid to share too much until I realized that if my mission is to inspire and encourage others my fears were holding me back from achieving that goal. You have to trust and believe in yourself a lot when blogging. Try not to let fear set limitations on you that prevent you from excelling further.
  • Stay Committed Fxck the Credit. A classic Drake quote but it relates to just about everything you do in life. When you’re passion about something you have to stay committed to it and be consistent. If you start it finish it. Don’t give up because you aren’t meeting your desired numbers or you feel as if you aren’t getting the credit you deserve. Everybody develops at their own time. As long as you focus on the bigger picture the goal of staying committed comes naturally.

BwNm67OCIAEnE39I haven’t always been able to say I’ve been proud of my blog or that I’ve even had a blog I felt creditable enough to share with the public. It took a lot of time, effort and a heck of a lot of courage. I still get anxious when I hit publish on those post that contain some of my deepest flaws and insecurities. I had to find the strength to be brave enough to share the things that I’ve always cloistered and kept close to my heart.  I’ve discovered many upsides and downsides to blogging but its more pros than cons for me for sure. I am always asked how do I keep it steady and not get tired after so long. I just admire the hustle of the amazingly talented women who’ve done it all before me. I love being a writer. I’ve tried my fair share of many other things but I enjoy doing what I am passionate about most. I devote all of my time to what sets my soul on fire. If you’re blogging or writing study yourself, your blog and all of the key points that help push you to the next level of blogging daily. Know your audience, be consistent with your content, network with other bloggers/writers get yourself out there. Be fearless, and stay committed to all that you’re passionate about.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


9 thoughts on “For The Love of Blogging: 5 Key Points I Feel Keep My Blog Alive

    1. You’re welcome doll, it was such an inspire post. I needed to read that this morning. And thank you for reading my post as well. I wish you all of the luck and success with blogging. Wish you the best. xoxo

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