Are My Dreams Invalid Because I Am Equally Passionate About Them All

20140709-210101-75661728.jpgRecently I’ve been dealing with a lot of doubt. I have been feeling as if my dreams are invalid because I am equally passionate about achieving more than one goal in life. I am passionate about a lot of things. Being a creative it’s so hard to not be this way. I know I am not the only one that has felt like, have I done enough at this point in my life? I am a bit self-conscious about the fact that I have more than one passion. Is that even allowed? I think I am just over analyzing it all and need to say to hell with what I think is right and go for what I love. This past Tuesday I had my first one on one meeting with my manager since I moved into my current role at work. I currently work for a company that improves the lifestyle and efficiencies of organizations and their employees by creating integrated, flexible, and custom-tailored workspaces. A whole mouth full I know. When I first began working for the company something about it moved me. For the first time in a long time I am happy with my job. I think it more so has to do with the fact that I am a part of the education division within my company. I am part of team that offers active learning solutions that provide students and instructors the tools that they need to succeed. I contribute to making learning spacing more effective and efficient. That means so much to me. I love it! I am currently a project coordinator on my team. I work first hand on a lot of large and small projects with different schools and universities throughout Northern California. Initially when I interviewed for my role I wasn’t at all nervous. There was something about my manager who made me feel comfortable and welcome. I already felt as if I was a part of the team. 09-0000669

I shared with him [My Manager] in my interview that I am a writer who now has several books and a growing lifestyle blog. He was tremendously impressed and very interested in reading some pieces from I was a little apprehensive about sharing my blog in the interview because I wasn’t too sure what would come of it. Needless to say, he loved the blog and always tells me how impressed he is by me being a writer. I think it’s cool that he mentions me being a writer to everyone he introduces me to. I guess it’s amazing to work so closely with someone who appreciates your aspirations inside and outsides of the office. I look up to my manager so much. He was a grade school teacher for many years before he moved into his current role as the manager for the education team. It’s amazing to see someone spend so many years of their life successfully achieving a goal, and move on to kick ass in another career field. During our meeting we started talking about where I saw myself going within the company and I didn’t hesitate to let him know that my heart is in design. Despite my creative gift as a writer, I have always had a natural niche for style and design. Solutions-EDUCATION

I believe I mentioned on the blog before that I was accepted into FIDM right out of high school, but of course my field of study was elsewhere at the time. And apparently so was my parent’s budget. My overall ultimate goal in life is to be on the New York Times Best Seller list. I’ve never been so passionate about writing now that I’ve successfully completed books and contribute to my own blog weekly. But deep down I know that there’s more out of life that I want. That’s when I started to panic. How the f*** can I be an author and a designer at the same damn time? Thinking about my future gave me a bit of anxiety. I began to panic and wonder if it was at all possible. Is it even realistic for someone to be an author and a designer? I questioned if I am even serious about writing because I have a love for and want to achieve other things in life. I’ve always been that woman who wanted to work her magic by using all of my God given talents and gifts. I was panicking and then I calmly told myself “you ain’t gone always have all the answers Sway.” It’s not all to be figured out right now, but working toward it excites me. It’s what matters currently. I do not believe that I was meant to succeed in just one career field my entire life. Nor do I believe my current career path is by accident. I am a firm believer that it’s all in the plan for my life. I foresee me doing a lot in the next several years and its all things that I have a true passion for. Is that wrong? new-Designtex2010

After my meeting with my manager, I walked out feeling really good about the future and how bright it looked me. I sat down at my desk and really started to think of how to get my priorities in line and really start to focus more on the future. There is no time like the present to really begin to center in on your goals and decide what you want out of life. I do know that my desired field of interest will require me to return to school and get my certifications/degree in design. While I am excited, I realized that my priorities have now become my priorities if that makes sense? I am focused on success and the bigger picture for the future. This is my life and I must shake sh*t up and make life happen. The time is now! In all honestly I see myself working independently somewhere down the line. Not in the near future, but I do not believe that I’ll work for a company my entire life. I am constantly thinking about the future and where I see myself 5-10 years down the line. I am fortunate to be working for a company that I can incorporate into that vision. Having a vision of that helps me concentrate on achieving those goals. My main goal is to live a prosperous, purposeful life. I am still currently figuring out this thing called my life and I am unashamed of that. There is a strong belief that everything that I am currently working toward will at some point all integrate together and be worth my wild. Something that my manager told me and I took to heart was his 3 keys to success. 1. Set A Goal. 2. Figure Out The Price to Achieve That Goal. 2. Pay The Price For The Goal. He said most of us get discouraged when it comes time to pay the price. The price isn’t always costly to us financially. Sometimes we are trading in our social life and working crazy endless hours to reach a goal. It’s all in how much we are willing to pay and sacrifice to get there. It’s a blessing to have something that fulfills you to look forward to. Look toward your future. Never stop dreaming. Never stop accomplishing goals. Never stop believing in you. Trust that anything that you put your mind to can be achieved if you believe. From one dreamer to another, your dreams are not invalid because you have more than one. There are no limitations on your life. Your potential is endless.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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