What’s Holding You Back In Life? 5 Negative Traits To Let Go Of

go boldy

Let me be the first to admit that most days I feel truly amazing inside and out. Then there are other days that I wake up and pull the covers over my head because I am far from ready to go out and face the world. There are days when I wake up feeling 100% confident that life is going to work in my favor and then there are days that I wake up and question every single thing because I am in fear that life is just going to go all wrong. It’s common insecurities that we all deal with. I think we all can agree we create scenarios in our minds that talk us out of situations. Do you often find yourself making something more problematic than it truly is? Or even worse, turning your happiness into a tragedy? There’s great news, no matter how much you focus on over thinking and making situations far more devastating than they are meant to be, you can change those habits. I’ve discovered 5 of my most troubling habits that have held me back in my past. In some cases, a few of these terrible habits are holding me back currently. If you want to lead a positive life you have to rid yourself of negative thoughts and troublesome habits. We have the power to let our thoughts exist, but we don’t have to let them overpower our lives. Below is a list of habits that have the power to hold us back ONLY IF we allow them to. This post is inspired to open all of our minds to draw out the positive by freeing our minds of the negative. Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


1.We expect the worse because we can’t see what’s ahead: It’s extremely difficult for me to have a positive mind about EVERYTHING. I try to think realistically and consider what are the benefits when things go right. I am also haunted by the thought of what the hell am I going to do when things go wrong? The problem with that is, we often times consider things going wrong before we consider them going right. It’s a terrible habit to carry because you can speak negative things into existence. Then we later wonder why situation didn’t pan out the way we hoped them to. Focus on the present and always keep positive thoughts that the future will work in your favor.

2.Feeling like it’s too late: I knew that if I wanted to be an author I could do it if I put my best foot forward. I just knew that no matter when I started to go after my dreams it would be well worth it. I admit when I started writing my first book I thought to myself “why are you doing this now?” I refused to make myself feel like I should have started years ago. I encourage you all to not feel that way as well. We feel like it’s too late. When you’ve lived and gained so much knowledge along with experience, it’s no time like the present time to step out into something new. Sharing our gifts with the world never has an expiration date. Never feel like it’s too late to pursue a dream or accomplish a goal. The feeling of regret is far worse than feeling as if it’s too late.


 3.  Taking what NEGATIVE people say to heart: There will always be someone who tries to talk you out of something. People who attempt to talk you out of your dreams are more than likely the same ones who didn’t have the heart to chase theirs. The negative people or “Haters” as we like to call them, have no problem with making you feel like your goals aren’t attainable. They’ll belittle you and attempt to make you feel like there’s always someone doing better than you. Word of advice, if they’re spending all of their energy focused on trying to bring you down they have nothing going for themselves. Their concern in life is everyone else’s life but their own. Stay focused. Trust that the only time negative words can bring you down is if you internalize the lies people attempt to feed you.

4.Lacking self-confidence: The lack of self-confidence holds us back more than you could ever imagine. Not believing you’re beautiful, talented, intelligent, believing you lack the ability to be successful are all common traits that you lack self-confidence. It brings you down and it’s often caused by paying too much attention to others. It’s hard to be confident in yourself when you’re in constant comparison. There will always be someone with more than you, more successful, more ambition and many other things. Your goal is not to look around and feel less than. Your goal is to look around and be inspired. Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t have. Be inspired by what you can achieve. Confidence is key!

5.The constant feeling of defeat: We all get that feeling of “this is it.” “I can’t go on, I can’t do this anymore.” I have those thoughts in my head more often than you’ll ever know. I’ve learned to replace them with thoughts of encouragement. I encourage myself to forget what I believe and do what I know. I know that I want to continue on and do great things in life. That’ll only happen if I rid myself of the thoughts that keep me feeling defeated. We become who we think we are. Whether you want to believe it or not, if you’re filling your head with mediocre thoughts about yourself you’re going to believe them. Don’t settle for the mediocre because you feel it’s what you deserve. Challenge yourself to think bigger. Know that defeat is a just a state of mind. What you want out of life is only impossible until you achieve it.


5 thoughts on “What’s Holding You Back In Life? 5 Negative Traits To Let Go Of

  1. The potential of human being is unfathomable and each of us one or the other quality that if properly channelized take us to achieve what we want to, but as very rightly pointed out there are these negative forces that overpowers our mental makeup and breaks us from going to get our goals…

    The defeating feeling and the lack of confidence creates that gap and we gradually loose the strength to push ourselves to bridge this gap…it is all in the mind and thinking, just by tweaking our thoughts and changing our perception towards challenging things changes our course of life.

    Those very moments what we need is just a pat at the back or few words of appreciation and we are back on course…these distraction and bottlenecks need to be addressed first in our mind…we can unfold the immense potential we all have within to the fore…

    Lovely thoughts, looking forward to more such inspiring post!!!

    1. Hi Nihar,

      I truly appreciate you taking the time out to read my post as well as your lovely comment. I feel as if your comment alone could have been an addition to my post. I hope that you return to the blog and take the time to share. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Happy November.


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