A Letter In November

Writing is about evolving. Over the years my only goal has been to evolve. I’ve been committed to doing just that. Writing is a commitment that I take very serious. I’ve committed myself to continue to use my words to touch the heart and lives of my readers. My blog has helped me stay true to my commitment in more ways than one. Here is where I am very candid about my life and personal experiences. Whoisamberjanae.com has developed into a very strong passion of mine, a real true love. I created this blog site to provide all of what I think women, especially young growing women would need to feel beautiful and confident no matter what they face in life. My blog is my tool that I use to encourage and inspire others. I think me being positive and working hard to achieve goals in my everyday life sets a great example.

Growing up, I never believed that I was capable of doing all that I have thus far. Now that I see things such as being an author, a blogger and an advocate for self-love are obtainable; I continue to thrive to achieve more. I pray that every time all of you visit the blog something in your life shifts in a positive direction. I can only pray that my words are source of inspiration and encouragement. I am very hopeful that my past experiences are not only relatable, but they’re a symbol to those of you who are currently experiencing the same situations. “God never said the weapons in our lives wouldn’t form, but he did however promise us they’d never prosper.” What is meant to harm us always comes in a form of a lesson or a blessing in disguise. Whatever you take from whoisamberjanae.com, I pray that my lessons are your blessings. I pray that my words instill a foundation in your hearts to heal. I pray that my voice is a stepping stone for all of you to overcome your pain. Most importantly, I pray that my achievements are symbol that no matter where you’ve been in the past, your past does not determine your future destination.

As we continue to grow I want you all to think about what your definition of a leader is and if you embody that definition. I want you all to focus on the things you’ve had to overcome that you feel make you a leader. Life is about being leading examples more than it is about wanting to others to follow you and be exactly like you. I pray that we all are able to relate to one another, but still embark on our individual journeys and paths. Wish you all a successful month of November. It is my hope for all of you this month that you’re resilient, prosperous and amazing.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


2 thoughts on “A Letter In November

    1. Hi Lizzy,

      Thank you so much my dear. I am grateful we found each other as well. I admire your work ethic, I need to get committed like you when it comes to my post, you’re on fire. Keep up the amazing work.

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