Offering You Strength Through The Trials of My Pain

unnamedTransparency the new book currently in the works by Me. This book is the second non-fiction book , but the fourth to add to my published collection. Starting out the goal was to impact the lives of readers, I had no idea just how large my impact would be. Taking my past and present life lessons and putting them into word form for this new project has been the biggest task to date.

It becomes a tug of war to separate all the things you should say or shouldn’t say. I always asked myself, how do I plan to help others and touch their lives being silent? Transparency is my chance to uplift women outside of the blog and to really be candid with the more in-depth, personal struggles of her life.  After countless numbers of emails, direct messages, tweets and more, the book just seemed right to write. I chose to go a bit deeper about my battle with depression. I really pray to set an example as far as dealing with the crippling disease, but I also pray to save lives.

The goal is to be a voice and or a mirror to every woman who has ever struggled. It’s tough for us to be transparent and share what’s driven us down the darkest roads in our lives. But, I know that my stories, my struggles and how I overcame them will help others. That’s all I want is to show other women there is life outside of their pain.

Transparency will be the book that inspires readers to not only seek change, but to also know and understand that they are in full control of every aspect of their lives. This book will serve as a tool to break free of any guilt, shame or bondage that has held you back from living your best life. I am candidly sharing the trials of her pain in hopes it provides strength to everyone who chooses to read.

Coming Soon


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