The Last Week of November

The last week of November…

Kind of surreal right? As the month comes to a close there won’t be very many post here on the blog these next couple of days. *Waits for your cries* LOL. The last week of November is about centering my focus with what matters the most, FAMILY! Not that I haven’t built a family with all of you, but I see and spend more time with all of you than I do my family on daily basis. My mom’s birthday is Monday and all of the days leading up to Thanksgiving are a very personal time for me. I like to enjoy lounging around the house, cooking, starting decorating for December and whatever else I can probably do to remind me the true essence of the holiday season. 07728a9683d033edf3899afdb814d456

I am excited about the start of this week. Even more excited that I only work 3 days out of the week starting Monday, hehe. In all seriousness, I want us all to devote our time this week to the places we tend to neglect. Whether it is quality time with friends, family, ourselves, more importantly quality time with God I want us to focus on giving back to those places. November is labeled as the month of giving, when all year around we should be giving. We don’t always necessarily have to offer our money. Giving back could be anything, being a shoulder to cry on, offering some much-needed advice, being there to watch a movie when someone needs you. It’s the simple things. The smallest things that we often take for granted are the most common gestures that make someone’s day.

So this week, is the start of something new. I want us all to focus on giving back to someone. Let’s not centralize our giving back on material items. I want us to focus our giving back on love, a timeless, priceless gift that can be given all year-long. Not only do I want us to focus on giving, I want us to center our lives on gratitude. At the Life You Want Tour last weekend, one of our challenges was to make a list of five things DAILY that we are grateful for. Curse my laziness because I haven’t started that yet, BUT I think it would be an amazing task for us to start together. On Thursday I want us all to revisit the blog, I’ll be sharing my top five things I am grateful for and I want you all to do the same.

It’s so very important that we offer our love and time to each other. There are so many of us suffering losses, remembering losses or just plain going without family. We do not have to have blood relation to be considered family. You do not have to know someone’s life story to let them know that you care. Let’s center our focus on not just our immediate family, but those around us that we consider family. Not everyone is vocal about the fact that they’re lonely and they are in need. A kind act could bring out the best in someone for the rest of the year without you even knowing it. So this week, our focus is Love, Gratitude and giving back. I hope to see all of you participating and sharing what you’re grateful for as well as your kind acts of LOVE. Here’s to life and making the best out of ours by giving the best of what we have to others.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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