There’s Still Room To Soar


I remember having all these dreams, all these visions, but I could not find what I needed to make them come to life. I just sat dreaming. There’s nothing worse than feeling something heavy on your heart. Feeling that heaviness deep down in your soul until it paralyzes you because you’re unable to make whatever it is come to life. Everything about my life once seemed so perfect. I had my dream job, I was in love, and I had great friends. I had all of these things, but yet I still felt empty. I still rested in this place of comfort because I was afraid to step out on faith. I was afraid that if I soared I’d leave the most delicate pieces of my heart behind. I was struggling. Life was a constant tug of war with settling and stepping out and reaching for the stars. I dreaded leaving behind what I knew was best for me, but I held on. If we aren’t careful we’ll hold on to the very things in life that keep us stagnant. I was afraid to soar, I didn’t want to face life on my own.

One day I realized that my self-proclaimed perfect life was shattering right before my eyes. How could this be? I asked God quite frequently, “why would you do this to me?” I felt as if God had given me everything I had ever dreamed of and snatched it away. I was heartbroken. I felt like a failure. All I could do was find my strength in those weak moments, pick up the fragments of my life that I could save and move forward. The most amazing lesson throughout all of this was I still had my life. I still walked in faith despite feeling broken. Those dreams I had always dreamt that I could never seem to make reality I still had them. Realizing all I had was my faith and my dreams I got to work on what mattered. Throughout all the hurt and pain I worked. I worked on me, I worked on my goals, and I worked on anything that fed my happiness. I worked endlessly building anything that didn’t include me depending on another living being. You see, in life if we aren’t careful we’ll miss what lessons life throws our way. If I was focused more on what I lost opposed to what there was for me to gain then I would have missed the fact that, no matter what ended my life was still in advancement.


I had successfully survived heartache and losing everything I loved and valued, but still had a praise…


It’s funny how God removes certain people or certain things from our lives to show us that we are still who we are with or without those things. There are moments when we don’t even realize that the things we place too much value on are often distractions. A little word of advice, those who are meant for you will add to your purpose not distract you from it. So here I am. I’ve known defeat, I’ve known heartache, and I’ve known loss. All of the above I’ve known more than once. But, no matter what I face I still am who I am. No matter what obstacles come my way I am still gracefully walking in my purpose. I may have been misguided, I may have lost focus and been distracted, but I am still here. Maybe, just maybe I needed to see that life still is beautiful without what I thought I needed. Life is still worth celebrating and success is still promised no matter what was here and what chose to leave. I am still here. I am still living, still headed toward my destiny. For the past two or three days when I walk out of my building at work there’s this gorgeous monarch butterfly fluttering around. I got excited the first time I saw it. Just the sight of it fluttering around was beautiful. I don’t remember the last time I’ve caught a glimpse of a butterfly up close.  Each day thereafter I looked at it as a symbol of God telling me I’m on the verge of spreading my wings. Despite it all there is still room for me to soar… Believe in yourself, believe in everything that you have to offer this world. Trust that no matter your circumstances, faith always trumps that. No matter how hard the fall, there is still room for you to dust off your wings and SOAR!


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 


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