What’s Your Message?

The more I hear “You inspire me.” The more I feel compelled to share my stories and struggles. In life we often don’t consider the damage of repetitive cycles, whether the repetitiveness occurs in our own lives or the lives of others. We all may deal with imperfections, but it takes a heart of humility to stand forth and say I’ve been through this and I want to help you where you are hurting. I want to help you break the cycle. There are so many of us who remain silent out of fear or simply having no one they feel comfortable enough to turn to. I get enough emails to know this. I’ve been there! We can actively make changes within, I’m here for it I’ve been doing it daily. My sense of urgency to spread my change to other women and brown girls just like me runs far deeper than you all may know. I am far from where I desire to be in my career let along life period. Who says that I have to be established to care or want to inspire others? Each day as I evolve I seek to give someone the encouragement to pick themselves up and keep fighting. Today I encourage you all to find someone to to inspire or to encourage. Don’t just have a goal, BE your goal. Act on your goal, live it out. I’d like my message to the world to be that I am filled with compassion and I desire to see more than just myself happy and healthy. So here’s to finding your voice. Here’s to being an inspiration. He’s to receiving the gift of encouragement. What is your message and gift to the world?

Be Inspired.Be Encouraged.Be Blessed.


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Message?

  1. I love this Amber! I believe you sharing your stories are very inspiring to your readers. There have been days when you wrote the right thing that just spoke to me. Thank you for not stopping.

    1. This means so much to me. Its been an uphill battle I promise you. But I have learned that me giving up on me is also giving up on beautiful women like yourself. I am so grateful and blessed for you. I will keep sharing and I pray we continue to inspire each other. Thank you! Xoxo

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