Sarah Jakes – When Winter Becomes Home

I could give you a list of a million reasons why you should be keeping up with Sarah Jakes-Roberts if you already aren’t. Aside from being a true inspiration, she’s just so real. I love that she doesn’t sugar coat her personality to be accepted. What you see is truly what you get with Sarah. There aren’t too many women that I can 100% relate to. So when I do find them it’s like a breath of fresh air. Although I’ve never met Sarah personally, virtually she is my sister lol. When I think of Sarah and all that she’s overcome, it’s a constant reminder of why I should continue to stay in faith. A woman who’s survived feeling like an outcast or the black sheep in her own family, a teen pregnancy, a failed marriage and so many more life issues that all of us women tend to face. There’s no way one can’t be inspired by her triumphant story. I watch her webisodes and read her books thinking “WOW, what an amazing spirit.” I think for all of us all it really takes is an empowering word or message from someone to really get our strength back. It takes us not feeling alone or a small reminder that our constant feelings of defeat are merely temporary.


I look up to Sarah in so many ways and she’s truly inspired me to keep moving forward with my dreams. Her words of wisdom have given me the courage to not be afraid to tell my story. In this powerful video Sarah Jakes-Roberts, now the First Lady of One Church International gives an encouraging message out of the book of Ruth: 1:18-20. I encourage you all to really listen to the message in its entirety. I’ve watched this video more than once and each time it delivers something different to my spirit. I am all about sharing things that have uplifted me in times of despair. My mission here on the blog is for all of us to feel powerful, even if life throws us trials that attempt to make us feel powerless. I have been meaning to share this video here on the blog for quite some time. I am very hopeful that me finally choosing to share it, it will serve as a source of inspiration if not one, all of your lives. Relax and enjoy this great message!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


12 thoughts on “Sarah Jakes – When Winter Becomes Home

  1. This was such a powerful and beautiful message. I have found myself feeling lost and wondering how much longer I could hold on to hope while going through such a huge change in my life this past year. Thank you for posting this.

    1. One of my favorites. You are not alone, I have that feeling all the time of will it ever end? Its just a matter of staying faithful and leaning toward people that provide great insight. Youre welcome, I am so glad me sharing served a purpose for you!

    2. WOW, Yes ME too, this is a very powerful and helpful message. I was just talking to her on phone and told her I do not know how much long I have to hold to have change in my life and when she said, do not give-up the Winter will come and go and the LIGHT for your future is just at the step of your door so, I even told her I am not God, and I want a change in my life I am not young any more. She told me to listen to your message. Yes God I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE UP. God bless you Sarah Yes, I know that God is responding to my prayer today. Amen Thank you also for the person who prayed for us It is a very powerful prayer. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL I ALSO LOVE YOU VERY MUCH

  2. I love Sarah too! I’ve met her and she is exactly how she appears in her webisodes. Not to mention extremely encouraging. I’m so glad you shared the video. You are a world changer and what you do matters to so many lives. Have a great week Amber!

    1. Sarah is truly an amazing woman. But, you have no idea how much your comment means to be. I am truly humbled and bless to have women like you in my life that see the beauty in what I work so hard and continue to support me. Your encouragement is so wonderful and I am so grateful for you. Thank you and you have and amazing week as well my love.

      xoxo -Amber

  3. “Sometimes God can’t send any warmth your way until you’re willing to admit that you’re freezing.” Such a beautiful soul! This is my first time hearing a word from Sarah Jakes but certainly not my last. Thank you for sharing this, Amber.

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