Best Of 2014: The Post That Celebrated Women Empowerment

When I think of 2014 I think of how much I’ve evolved in this year alone. Here on the blog I was very open about my personal and spiritual growth. I try not to leave much untold considering I am sharing to be a source of inspiration to you all. My most powerful moments on the blog have been the moments I chose not to hold my tongue. The moments I vocalized my hurts and pain candidly without fear of judgment. I felt really proud of how far I have come and grown in such of a short amount of time. It’s been a joy of mine to share this growth with you. My favorite moments in 2014 on the blog were the moments I chose to celebrate women. The moments I chose to be a voice and say the things we all wish to say, but couldn’t quite find the words. There is nothing more powerful to me then supporting and uplifting other women. Below are my list of 2014 favorite post that celebrates women, our growth and empowerment. Enjoy!

Everything You Should Be As A Woman was ironically written after a night of crying hysterically from heartbreak. I cried and woke up at 7 am thinking get it together girl. I wanted to create a post that uplifted me and made me feel great about the woman I was growing into and this was it. photo (6)

Chase your Dreams Not The Love of A Man came to mind so many times throughout the year. Whether it was an email from one of my readers, watching my friends or simply just needing a reminder my damn self. I thought that it was very important to share a post that inspired women to think of themselves first, their careers and not base it off of the love of a man. One of my favorite post of 2014 here on the blog.

When we live our lives dependent on others to provide us love to make us happy we fail ourselves. Happiness and Love is An Inside Job was written to show that I have traveled down that road before, but there is always a way around it. The love and happiness that we most desire is always found internally. That internal love for ourselves is only an example of how others should treat us and eventually becomes what we attract. 🙂

Sometimes we just need a reminder that is okay to support other women. It is okay to lend a hand to a sister in need. We often have the idea that supporting others diminishes our light or somehow takes away from what we’re trying to accomplish. It’s actually the other way around. Being supportive of other women only adds to your life and blessings. Checkout another 2014 fav: The Power In Supporting Other Women.   BeFunky_OrtonStyle_11.jpg

We all struggle with internal battles. One day I woke up, fed up and tired of dealing with mine. Sometimes life just blesses us with growth and the power to escape all of the things that weight heavy on us. There are moments when the fight that we’ve fought for so long pays off. In When My Internal Battle Went On Pause I celebrated my defeat and celebrated my beauty in photos that were a live example that there are smiles after the pain.

I rarely write about love here on the blog because I am the type of woman that likes to write about love after I’ve found it. I’ve learned to embrace that love may not come today, tomorrow or in the coming year. I’ve learned to share my thoughts about love of the importance of following God’s plan. Not only have I learned and am still learning what I want, I’ve learned to let God take the lead. My favorite lesson on love in 2014 here on the blog, hands down is Why It’s Important To Let God LeadBrown2.jpg

I hope that you’ve enjoyed another recap of amazing post here on the blog. 2014 was an amazing year here on the blog. I feel like we all celebrated our woman hood and growth together. Whatever challenges we faced this year, I feel like we’ve encouraged each other to overcome them. Looking forward to more moments such as these in 2015. Only a few more days until the New Year, let’s make them all count.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 


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