Four Things I Learned In 2014

What Doesn’t Kill Me Will Make Me Stronger: I used to hate when people would tell me this. It made others seem so insensitive when it came to my problems. Now that I’ve gone through all that I’ve gone through in 2014, making it out alive and stronger makes me appreciate the above saying so much more. I am so much wiser and stronger than I’ve ever been. I am more aware of myself as a woman and the things that I want to take from this world. Through the good and the bad 2014 wasn’t as terrible as it seemed.

My Readers Love Relationship Blog Post: As much as I dread writing them, checking my stats from the year proved that you all love to read a good relationship post. I always feel so conflicted giving relationship advice. I am far from an expert, plus I feel that it’s an area we are all constantly growing and leaning in. I will say, when I do create relationship post I am sharing based off of experience, not what I think I know. That’s what matters right? I guess it wouldn’t hurt to be responsive to the things that you all love and want to read. I’ll make an effort to be a bit more consistent when it comes to blogging about relationships in 2015.tranquility

Patience Is A Virtue: 2014 was my year of “relax and let time take its course.” I came into the year taking note of the unrealistic expectations I was setting on myself and my entire life. One of the best ways I gained control was to have patience and not rush the timing of things. When I slowed down life was able to catch up with me and things begin to happen organically. Often times we’re in a rush for things to unfold to make others happy or to feel happier than we already are. If we aren’t patient and happy in the present we will never truly be satisfied.

The True Meaning of Success is Happiness: 2014 was the year I realized, no matter what I have and how much I have if I am not happy it means nothing. I probably worked so hard in the past hoping that I’d find happiness through my career, personal life and whatever else there was, but to be honest all that I needed to happy was always within. I am ashamed sometimes that it took so long for me to come to this realization, but now that I have I take it seriously. No matter where I am, how far ahead or how far behind, I am complete because I am at peace and 100% happy.

2014 was a year of highs and lows. I stretched myself as far as I could, as wide as I could and the outcome was a success. Throughout all of the changes this year I can say it ended on a high note. I don’t have very many goals this year. I believe that all that I wish to achieve is already within in reach. Making goals probably won’t help me as much as buckling down and simply doing the work will. Looking forward to all that is store for 2015, Happy New Year loves!


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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