Saturday Morning Starbucks Therapy

You remember the episode of Sex and The City when Aden first moved in with Carrie? They had that big fight because Aden had way too much crap and was taking over Carries apartment. So Carrie stormed out and went to write at a nearby Starbucks. (Ignore this if you’ve never seen an episode a day of your life lol) While there was no Aden for me to fight with this morning, I woke up before the sun rose and didn’t wait for the ice to defrost off of my car before I opted to drive to a nearby Starbucks. I have a room in my home with the perfect lighting that I dedicate to writing only. It’s perfect. That’s really the only place I feel a sense of peace and my creativity just flows. I never really felt like coming to a Starbucks to try to write would be a success. Thankfully I was wrong about my first experience. These days I am in the business of trying new things. I found it a bit therapeutic to step outside of my comfort zone and write in an unknown atmosphere. I came up with really random, but amazing ideas. I chose a window seat to people watch. I’ve been watching two friends enjoy their morning coffee and laugh together for the past hour. I can’t help but wonder what their conversing about.  What brought joy to my more was, a homeless man who I see here often when I come through the drive-through. He opens the doors for everyone and just hangs out here. One of the workers here took him out a pastry and a shot of coffee for free. Watching that made me smile. He had breakfast, it was a great thing to see. I’ve watched people come in and out the front entrance, drive through the drive through and I am just sitting here curious about their story. I bet a few of them were thinking the same thing about me. I bet a few were wondering, who is this woman with her Uggs and sweat pants on her laptop looking a mess? Who does she think she is? LOL. I discovered that, that’s the beauty about life. We all aren’t one in the same. Somehow we all end up in some of the same places, doing the same things, but none of our stories are the same. As I sit enjoying my pastry, I smile knowing my first experience was a great one. I find it comforting to be a little optimistic about life. I need to take more chances and do new things more often. While this was a first for me I will be back here again for some people watching and a little writer’s therapy. I spent my Saturday morning  at a nearby Starbucks which I thought would be a waste of time, but turned out to be very productive.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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