32 Inspiring Quotes From Whoisamberjanae

“Choose what you magnify and put out into the universe. What you give is what you get back so make it count. Choose the energy you put out into the world or what thoughts you let consume you. You’ll miss out on life’s greatest moments and God’s greatest blessings wallowing in negativity.”

“They want to shelter you and put you in a box. I’m claustrophobic with a slight case of ADD, I don’t want to be in your damn boxes, people. I want to be the brave, prosperous soul I was intended to be.”

“Life is about advancement. As life advances, your interest, goals and whole being should be transitioning along with life.”

“Once we break the bondage of self-centeredness life opens up new doors. It enables us to see that life is more than just about us. We are nothing without each other. Lean To be happy for others because you want to see them succeed, not because you want to try and gain something from it. And, because it takes NOTHING from you.”


“As we continue to grow I want you all to think about what your definition of a leader is and if you embody that definition. I want you all to focus on the things you’ve had to overcome that you feel make you a leader. Life is about being leading examples more than it is about wanting to others to follow you and be exactly like you. I pray that we all are able to relate to one another, but still embark on our individual journeys and paths.”

“Remember that our emptiness that we feel within is not due to lack of love from others. Our emptiness is caused by lack of love for ourselves and relying on other to fill us up. Do not seek healing in expectancy of love from others. The love you give to you is timeless. Your wholeness and self-love will always be worth more than love from another living being. Here’s to seeking healing, wholeness is one of the greatest things we can aim for. Wholeness is one of our greatest blessings that we need in order to live a completely fulfilled life.”

“We have to be brave enough to stand corrected while embracing every inch of who we are. It takes YOU to fix what is broken by relying on our own strength coupled with God’s love, not relying on man.”

“The goal is to look in the mirror and love what we see every day. The goal is to give love abundantly onto us before we give love to another. The goal is to stop fastening ourselves and our souls to false perceptions of love. The goal is to live it out deeply in love with who we are, openly and freely.”

“I was brave enough to admit that this love that was once so fulfilling had developed a strong disconnect. It was slowly but surely eating away at me, my self-esteem and heart. One of us was growing while the other was now at a standstill. Our priorities about our relationship had shifted and before long what we both wanted was no longer morally aligned. Our yokes were now rivals, unequally challenging each other. It was time to face realization. It wasn’t the end of my life now that I had chosen to prioritize it.”

“Today I reminded myself that I don’t struggle with identity issues. I know exactly who I am inside and out. I am built up into one hell of a woman. Everything about me from head to toe is 100% amazing.”

“Don’t let this world shrink you! Embrace your creative side. Embrace the fact that there are times in life when nobody will never fully understand you. There will be those who find it extremely difficult to embrace you, but don’t allow that to discourage you. Do not allow the opinions or judgments of others to limit your power.”

“Stay strong queen, because in this world full of people who are unsure of themselves, you’re destined to cross paths with those who will work their asses off to make you question all that you’ve become.”

“There will be a time when your feathers are ruffled and your spirit is broken because someone you love isn’t in tune with who you are and all of who you’re becoming. Don’t you consider for a second trying to change. You haven’t come this far in life to remain the same you. You haven’t come this far to place value on the things that made you happy 5-10 years ago. You have grown, that my friend is something you should embrace every second of every day.”

“Quiet the noise so you’re able to learn the intricate parts of who you really are.  Embrace your quiet strength and your dignity.”

“I think my biggest regret ever has been the moments that I sheltered myself. I regret those moments when I remained closed off.  I regret the moments that I pointed the finger at everyone else while refusing to look in the mirror. The ability to reflect on how you can be a better person to someone else really goes a long way.”


“Allowing yourself to feel what you feel is needed. You honestly never know how your healing can help someone else.”

“The reality is, I am as imperfect as they come. But if I am in constant fear of my reality and I don’t face it head on who I am really? I refuse to live in a bed of untruths.”

“Do not ever let anyone hold so much power over you that they control how you feel about you.”

“Don’t be so caught up in this world trying to be a people pleaser that you’re stuck stagnant. You do not want to look back on your life 5-10 years from now wondering what the hell you haven’t done and why you haven’t done it.”

“As women society will put absurd expectations on our dreams, our careers and ESPECIALLY our love life. And if we are not careful we will kill ourselves trying to live up to the idea of what someone else THINKS we should be.”

“If guys are spending their time playing the field and growing up, why are we focused on wanting them around? An unsure man is a distraction. I repeat for the sake of your dreams, AN UNSURE MAN IS A DISTRACTION!”

“May we develop the wheel power to constantly chase our dreams and let love catch up as our focus is centered on what matters.”

“What is for you is for you. What is for us is for all of us. Nobody has ever prevailed seeking what does not belong to them. You may get close, you may develop similarities, but at the end of the day no true value is found in a carbon copy.”

“Do not be in a rush to gain what has already been prepared for someone else. Know your value. Know who you are. It doesn’t matter how fast you get there if your integrity and character are incapable of handling what has been prepared. Trust that speed is not required for your destination because what has been prepared and laid out for you was predestined long before you set out on your journey.”

“Our sole purpose here on earth is to live a purposeful life. Despite what we choose believe, everything that we encounter in life is aligned to our purpose. My pain helped me realize there was more to my life than what I subjected it too.”

“Be determined to not just know your purpose, but walk in it. Prolonged dissatisfaction will have you ready to give up where you should be beginning.”

“My only advice to all of you is, do not be broken, be shaped and be molded. Keep going. Keeping fighting and know that it is ok to cry along the way. God is making a way, God will make a way, God has made a way.”

“We expect to stay attached to old people, harmful habits and stuck in our old ways. We cannot morph into who we are called to be living in the same space. We can’t expect for God to bless us if we are in constant refusal to change our selfish, toxic, negative ways.”

“Our pain is often meant to break us so that we’ll never go back to the person we were before.  Our pain is a constant reminder of the spaces that should remain off limits and why we should constantly be moving forward.”

“If you’re seeking validation about a certain person, place or thing, leave it wherever it may lay. If you have to ask about it, it probably ain’t for you. We feed our fleshly desires by indulging in the things we know aren’t good for us and then we complain the moment it hits the fan and we end up hurt. Avoid the hurt all together by having the courage to do what you need to do well before you are forced to do it.”

“We are all the masters of our lives. Understanding that comes with accountability. Don’t dwell on what’s been done or what has come and gone. Dwell on the presence of right now. This is your now, this is your moment. Whatever it is in life that you want to achieve it can be done. YOU are the master of your life. You are always and have always been in co-creation with God when it comes to your life. Your best days are yet to come. Be the master you were called to be, take charge and SOAR.”

“Take a clear look into these mirrors, invest in yourself and keep growing. Keep Changing! The only thing constant is this world is change. You want to experience that constant change too, never remain stagnant. Find something that moves you, something that speaks to you and nurture it. Anything that feeds your soul is worth nourishment. Give life to anything that helps support its growth in and around your life. Invest in your self-growth. See new places, meet new faces and embrace new things. Keep Changing, Keep growing, and keep investing in YOU. When you’re focused on you and only you, everything else around you just seems to fall into place.”


4 thoughts on “32 Inspiring Quotes From Whoisamberjanae

  1. “If guys are spending their time playing the field and growing up, why are we focused on wanting them around? An unsure man is a distraction. I repeat for the sake of your dreams, AN UNSURE MAN IS A DISTRACTION!” – Yassss! This speaks to me! And the one after.

    1. Hi Emilia,

      So happy that this post was one you can relate to. I try to inspire everyone that follows the blog and that I know to not set a relationship as priority. In this life, building as a woman and personal growth should be first on your list. Any man who comes along should add to your goals and dreams not subtract from them. I encourage you to keep that in mind forever and always. I hope that you continue to visit the blog.


      Amber Janae

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