Self-Love Sunday’s-A Dozen Roses

“It’s a fulfilling feeling when you start doing for yourself what you always wanted to receive from someone else. Buy yourself those flowers. Take yourself to that movie. Being comfortable being a single woman and wanting to be a single woman are not the same thing, in case that wasn’t clear.” – Morgan Pitts IMG_9362

So grateful for the #BlackGirlsWhoBlog community. They’ve become amazing women that I cherish. Morgan’s twitter is very often a simple reminder that self-love is the best love. It doesn’t make you less of a woman to do for you what someone else failed to do. It actually makes you strong and helps to develop a stronger connection with the woman you are within. There comes a time in a young woman’s life when she unknowingly begins her quest for all of the things she THINKS will make her whole. We spend a countless amount of hours on our appearance, material possessions and more importantly bad relationships. As the great Carrie Bradshaw would describe it, “The search for labels and love.” It isn’t until after a few heartbreaks that we seek anything other than a boy to help us feel good. That is followed by coming to the realization that our possessions are just merely things that we cling to and they hold no real significant value at all. A young lady begins to embrace her womanhood fully when she learns the value of self-love. When a young lady finally discovers that her inner appearance is more valuable than her outer, she discovers a gem.

We spend so much of our time in search of the perfect things to fill our voids and the perfect men to do all of the things we have the power to do ourselves. What if I told you that it means more when you can do for you opposed to waiting for a man to come along and do what you imagined? I found that as a twenty something single woman it isn’t the end of the world because I am single. I like it better knowing, learning and loving me than being connected to a false interpretation of love. I’ve wasted a lot of time and effort on trying to build with people who only broke me down. I spent a countless amount of days and hours waiting on sweet gestures like surprise dinners and random bouquets of flowers. When I did receive all of these things it was in an attempt to salvage what had been broken or an attempt to regain my trust. I just would rather the random acts of kindness be filled with true love and sincerity. At the present moment there isn’t anyone special to give these things to me so I more than happy give them to myself. IMG_9363

It isn’t enough to be confident about yourself physically, you have to confident emotionally and spiritually as well. You have to have a spirit strong enough that trust and believes for each time you’ve been short-changed and betrayed it was only a set up for you to receive blessings of good karma tenfold. You also have to be confident enough in your emotions to trust that you won’t subject yourself to anything that does not serve you and your heart wellness. When we learn to embrace that all that can be given to us from a man can be given unto ourselves it makes life much easier. I believe in the law of attraction. I had this beautiful bouquet prepared for me because I love me. I know that there is only a matter of time before a man will buy me flowers just because he loves just as much if not more. Until that day comes, I am not harboring on what may come and/ or who he may be, I am just concentrating on feeling me up. I am focused on loving me the best way that I can as much as I can. I challenge you all to random acts of kindness for yourself just because, it’ll warm your spirit and open your heart to receive what you deserve. Happy Self-Love Sunday!


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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