Author Chronicles: What’s Available Now

IMG_6658.JPG Sacrifice Love and Deception, an anthology packed with stories full of drama and suspense. Each character experiences many trials and tribulations that send their lives spiraling out of control. Indulge in great stories about survival, addictions, infidelity, death, dishonor and more. The emotional roller coasters these stories take you on are full of twists, and turns that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seats until the very end.

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IMG_5823A Self help guide to inspire women to overcome their deepest insecurities. The book encourages women to forgive their past hurts, look to the future and never give up on themselves. I share my quest to self-love in hopes to help others set out on their quest to loving themselves completely.

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IMG_6659.JPG “The Root” is a compilation of old and new work all created by myself. The book holds 41 beautiful poems that were written straight from my heart and soul. I wanted to be honest, I wanted to entertain, but I wanted to stay true to myself. I dug deep and hand selected all of the best of what I thought you all would love. I hope that you all find this new project one to love for many years to come.

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TO B To Be Taken Advantage of is a story about to sisters Christie and Marti Daniels. The two sisters were raised by their father alone after the death of their mother. Keeping his girls on a straight path was Marvin Daniels only prayer. While doing everything he could to afford this daughters the luxury of a positive upbringing, it seemed one sister got it while the other didn’t. Marti chooses to live a life of disobedience because she can’t control her jealousy toward her sister. It is her choice to live her life carelessly that lands her in a heap of trouble. Christie does all that she can to be a role model and save her sister from going down the wrong path. This book also features a bonus short-story.

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