Personal Growth Exercise: Day One

Aaaaaah, Day One!

Thank you for choosing to be a part of this 3 day personal growth exercise. For the next 3 days we will focus on taking accountability of our lives and being 100% honest about who we are and how we can be better. I’ve provided a PDF document for all 3 days. Feel free to print as many as you’d like to keep this personal growth thing going as long as you can stand to keep getting better. As my gift to you for being simply amazing and wanting to begin this journey, I’ve also included free, printable inspiring quotes. You’ll find these quotes at the end of each exercise. These are for you to frame and remind yourself why this journey to become a better you is so important.

First things first, a brief explanation of the PDF doc. Day 1 is divided into 4 sections.

PRINT ME: Personal Growth-Day One

Day One

Section 1 being a space for you to list 3 negative things about yourself that you’d like to release from your life. I chose:


– Needing Validation from Others

-Constant Negative Thinking  

Please feel free to be inspired by my answers, however I strongly encourage you to dig deep within and list out real negative issues that you suffer with. For the first section all you need to do is list out these 3 things and let them live on the page. (Feel free to utilize the additional notes space in sections 1-4. This for your own personal use and you can jot down anything you desire.)


Section 2, is for you to get to the root of these negative issues. How do you believe these negative traits developed? The point of this exercise is for you to be brutally honest with yourself. Remember, the only way that we’ll grow is if we are accepting of our truths and we keep it real with us first.

I feel that my self-doubt at times stems from a lack of confidence as well as always feeling undermined by others or unappreciated. My need for validation from others often comes from the desire to be liked and the need for others to constantly approve of who I am. Of course, my negative thoughts come from my lack of faith in God’s power as well as my fear of my past failures being repetitive.”



Section 3, is for you to jot down how you believe releasing these 3 things from your life will help you be a better you. This is an opportunity for you to write down the person you’d like to see yourself become without carrying the weight of your negative traits.

I feel as if though without self-doubt I’d possess all the confidence needed to go after my dreams boldly and fearlessly. If I didn’t go seeking validation from time to time, I would worry less about what others think of me, how they feel about me and if they like me or not. That would begin my quest to focusing on what I think of me only because that is all that matters. If I didn’t let negative thoughts take over I’d have a more positive outlook on every negative situation I am faced with. I’d be more receptive to change and less inclined to live in fear that something bad will always happen.”



Section 4, is all about honesty. Section 4 is red for a reason. It’s the opportunity to keep track of when and where you’re falling short on your personal growth journey. How have you allowed any one if not all 3 of the negative traits listed above back into your life? Be honest about your intentions to grow, but just as honest about your failed attempts to rid yourself of these things. The more honest you are, the more you’re keeping account of the accuracy in your journey. Your accuracy becomes accountability and accountability becomes responsibility. When we are honest and accurate it enables us to face are faults head on. When we have the courage to take full accountability we then become responsible for the change we wish to see in our lives. We can’t change anything we refuse to be honest with ourselves about. We can’t be responsible for anything we refuse to take accountability for. The areas in life we fall short are more often than not the spaces that lead us to victorious change.

Some of us refuse to believe that it is okay to reinvent ourselves and become better versions of who we once were. Life is about advancement and self-progression. The first step to personal growth is getting to the root of the negative things in our lives and getting rid of them. The soul focus of day one was to center in on the things we never want to resurface again. You want to be so sure and confident in your personal growth journey that you no longer know what it feels like to live with the negative traits you listed. Death to holding on to the negative things that have always held you back. I pray that Day One of our personal growth exercise was a success. Remember that you can print as many of these docs as you want. Do them in groups with family and friends. Don’t have access to a printer? Use a notebook, that way you’ll have a way to record your progress and re-reference anything that you need to. I am looking forward to taking more accountability over our lives in day 2. Remember, one of the easiest things about growth is wanting to. One of the most difficult things about it, is committing to it and staying committed. That means that your choice to start Day One should be a commitment to yourself to complete all 3 days. Consistency is key! See you all back for day 2.

Be Inspired


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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