Personal Growth Exercise: Day Two

Welcome back!

If you’re reading this I am proud that you’ve chosen not to give up on yourself. Your commitment to your growth and being a better you has just gone up several more notches. We’ve had a chance to let all of day one resonate in our minds and hearts. It was with every intention to start with discussing and releasing the negative so that by the second day of our exercise they’d be overshadowed by all the positive that is to come. This is only the start of an amazing journey that’ll support all of us growing for the better. Day Two will roll just the same as Day One. Only this time as I stated earlier, we are leaving the negative in day one and now we are focusing on the positive. Just as in day one, day two is divided into sections of 4. You can find your 2nd printable inspiring quote at the end of the exercise. Remember, these quotes are my gift to you and your spirit. Read this every day to fill your spirit with positive, encouraging words. Your printable PDF for Day Two can be Found here:  Personal Growth- Day Two

Day Two


In Section 1, I’d like for us to list down 5 things in our lives that we’d like to see growth in. These five things could be anything, with the exception of traits/qualities having to do with your physical appearance. Just as in the previous day, be intentional about your choices of what you want to see grow. Be honest of where you fall short or can see abundance more of. I’d like to see these 5 things in my life experience growth:

-My Faith

-My Confidence

-My Ability to Forgive More

-My Compassion for Others

-The Courage to NOT Lean on My OWN Understandings

Try reading these 5 things aloud 5 times. This is your way of putting your choices of growth out into the universe. I call this my key to self-reassurance You have them written down so you can now repeat them every day, as many times a day as you’d like.


Section 2, we are going to focus on how the growth of the 5 things you listed above will contribute to change in your spirit and your life overall. (Hint: The changes you list should be a representation of you being a better version of who you are now.) What do you want to see your life become? What can the growth of these 5 things do for you and your life that they haven’t been doing all along?

With the growth of my faith my spirit will be more at peace. I’d question life’s occurrences less and focus on taking things one day at a time. With the growth in my confidence it’ll help me tackle life boldly and fearlessly. The fact I want my ability to forgive to grow means that I am eager to be at peace 100% of the time. Holding on to un-forgiveness has hindered me a lot in the past. I’d like to focus more on forgiving to secure my own happiness and contentment. I’d like for my compassion for others to grow simply because you can never have too much compassion. Being compassionate about others and their personal struggles has enabled me to be more caring and understanding, I want nothing more for that to continue to grow in my life and my spirit. Always relying on my own understandings has failed me a lot. I believe that putting my ego aside and being accepting of the fact that I don’t know it all will contribute to the betterment of my entire life. This starts today and every day thereafter.”



Section 3, is your chance to show your commitment to how bad you want to see these things grow? The more you want to see growth, the more you work toward it and the better the chances to growth in your life. With the desire for our lives to change for the better comes action. Section 3 is the start of putting actions behind your words. How can you actively get started in incorporating the growth of the 5 things above into your everyday life?

To ensure that my faith continues to grow I can practice being committed to reading my bible more and trusting in God’s word. We often become who or what we say we are. If I commit to reminding myself that I am confident and I am everything that I desire to be my confidence will grow. Forgiveness is easy, not reminding yourself of why you needed to forgive someone in the first place is the difficult part. If I want my ability to forgive more to grow, I have to learn to stop reveling in the past. Being compassionate for others is easy, I found it more of a struggle to be compassionate to me. The more compassionate and kind I am to me, the more it’ll reflect on how I feel about and treat others. I am willing to go as far as putting my ego and pride aside. I am committed to realizing that the sun does not rise and set on me and being forever reliant on my own understandings is setting myself up for failure.



Section 4, is all about us keeping track of where we are falling short and how we can put more effort into seeing growth in certain areas. Again, I can’t stress the importance of accuracy and accountability here. The hardest part is staying committed to it. It’s okay to have slip ups and revert back to your old ways, as long as you recognize that you’re falling short and you make corrections. The point of the exercise is so that we have written reminders to reference back to when needed. When you feel like you can do better this exercise and keeping track of your progress is your tool to do so.

Our desire to want better and to do better is the key to healthy, prosperous, successful lives. I believe that we all have developed the habit of focusing more on our financial and career growth. It’s common that the more we see growth in one area, the less we focus on another. When one area is at an all-time high, there is about a 75% chance that another area if not more than one is suffering. Success in all areas of our lives should be our key focus. Finding ways to balance dedicating healthy amounts of time to perfecting each area in positive ways is our goal. What good is ones career growth and financial gain without a healthy way of living and clean spirit? How far are you willing to go to see these changes internally? How we treat others is often a reflection of how we feel about the person we are within. Day Two has allowed us to focus on positive traits that we’d like to see grow. It is who we are when no one is watching that matters most. As day two of our exercise comes to a close, I ask that you all continue to be intentional about what you want to see develop in your spirit and in your life. See you all for the final day of our growth exercise. Day 3 awaits us!

Be Encouraged


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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