Personal Growth Exercise Recap


I hope we are all feeling refreshed after the last  days. I pray that we are all feeling as if our work was a success. Day 1 we focused on the biggest challenge that we all face, which is letting go of our negative habits. It won’t happen over night, but making yourself aware and holding yourself accountable is the first step to becoming negativity free. Day 2 was all about character growth. What was it that we could see more of? What were things that we lacked and would like to see be apart of who we are? Days 1 and 2 we really all about being honest with ourselves because it’s so hard to admit what we lack and what we need to get rid of. But, that was the whole point of this exercise to begin with. Day 3 ended the exercise with us doing “the real work.” All three days should be consistently done to see real progress. But, day 3 is the most important because it what we choose to incorporate into our lives that supports our growths consistency. It is our daily routines and habits that help us react to life in a whole new way. Day 3 was the true gem, I say that because it’s helped me in more ways than I can explain. I pray that we all continue to utilize our print outs until the things we’ve written on paper are natural habits. It will not be easy, but it can be done!!!

Back when I announced this exercise I knew I had my hands full trying to put it together in only a few days. I committed an entire weekend staying up to 3 am, Friday-Sunday making sure everything was of quality for all of you. I wanted you all to walk away feeling positive each day of the exercise. Which is ultimately what inspired me to create free printable quotes for each day. It’s something about reading positive quotes that serves as a friendly reminder to your mind and spirit. I had to choose one of you though to take home a FREE signed copy of my self-help book. A Woman’s Quest To Self-Love. While it wasn’t easy because far more of you than I ever imagined subscribed to this exercise. Because I felt out numbered I wanted to give away two books instead of one. Congrats to winners Ajene Waters and Shadae Sweeny. I’ll be contacting you both to get details on where to mail your books. 🙂 Don’t fret if you were chosen, we are all winners here and they’ll be more giveaways soon.

I wanted to take the time out to personally thank all of you who chose to participate in the Personal Growth Exercise. The out-pour of love and support for what I put together has been simply amazing. I wanted to give you all something that really inspires you to get serious about changing your lives for the better. As I said in day 3, it is what we believe that is sure to become our reality. This exercise was to turn you all into constructive thinkers. We did that by thinking about what we want to see change and what we want to see grow. We became doers the moment we found effective ways to work toward our changes and growth. We become believers the more we actively do what we set out to do. The more you do and have success with, the more you believe you are capable of. My biggest challenge all of my life has been keeping my life peaceful. You can do the work to gain internal peace, but the challenge is keeping it. These exercises have allowed me to keep peace within my life and truly grow as a woman. I plan to do a lot more of these exercises in the near future. I would love to hear how days 1-3 went for all of you. Please share your experiences and your healthy habits so that we can all collaborate and share our ideas together. There may be things that you thought of that someone else would want to incorporate into their lives and vice versa. Again, I sincerely thank you all for joining in to be about of this journey. These exercises will remain on the blog. They’ll be here for you to come back and reference whenever you need to. The PDF’s are available for you to use whenever you wish. You can print all of the PDF’s and free quotes from this exercise here: FREEBIES.  I strongly encourage all of you to keep this process consistent in your lives. Life is all about loving who you are presently and enjoying the person you are growing into. Looking forward to our next exercise/workshop.


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.



3 thoughts on “Personal Growth Exercise Recap

  1. The challenge was amazing! I mean really amazing and refreshing. I thank you for this and I’m excited to be receiving your self-help book! I’m going to dance when it is delivered lol I’m going to share my answers on the blog this week, over a course of three days of course 😉

    1. Thank you so much. I am so glad it helped. It truly helped me so much over the last few months so I was more than happy to share it. I am so excited to read your answers. I was hoping to see someone brave enough to share with everyone. I didn’t push that, because it’s a little bit scary admiring what you battle with daily. I applaud your bravery and I look forward to reading. I can’t wait for you to receive the book as well. I know you’ll love it. I’m going to email you today to get details on where to send it. My gmail has been delaying or not sending any emails at all so it’s been a struggle lol But I’ll email you today. Thank you again, for participating and I can’t wait to read your blog next week! 🙂

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