6 Reasons Why I May Secretly Be Becoming Carrie Bradshaw

carrie-end-everett.jpgIf you factor in my dire need sip a Cosmopolitan every girls night out, my desire to  change my hair up every couple of seasons and my original style, the only thing missing from my life is Mr. Big. Ignoring the fact that I got the urge to move to the Big Apple roughly about five years after the age Carrie packed up and moved, but of course I never moved at all, our uncanny life similarities just get deeper and deeper. When I fell in love with the series, Carrie Bradshaw was always the character I related to the most. (And loved the most.) I quickly became addicted to the show. It’s something about seeing women live out their truth on film (fiction or not) and giving us something to relate to. My obsession with the show never really ended. I remember me dragging my ex-boyfriend to theaters and making him sit through the movie(s). I had a copy of Sex and The City the Movie at his house and my own. I am cracking a smile imagining what his facial expression when he’d walk through the door and realize I was watching the movie for the millionth time. The older I got the more I watched Carrie’s life on-screen and the older I got I realized “Oh my, I am morphing into the great Carrie Bradshaw.” I never got over my Carrie obsession and I probably never will. Here’s a short list of reasons why I may slowly be becoming the great Carrie Bradshaw.


  1. We Both Grew Up Without Our Biological Fathers In The Picture: There’s not very much mention about Carrie’s life before NYC, but all we know is that her father left her and her mother when she was young. While our stories aren’t 100% the same, the odds were both against us growing up. No Matter what Carrie lacked she still managed to be amazing and I am working hard to do just the same.
  1. We Both Write Our Own Columns and Have Multiple Books: Welllll… While my blog isn’t exactly my own column in the “New York Star” it’s pretty close and I like to pretend sometimes LOL. Like Carrie, I devote my time to contributing pieces of my real life to serve as a source of inspiration for many to read and love. Carrie and I have multiple books in common as well. I don’t get to spend my big book advance on decorating my new apartment like her(cause I ain’t never had one lol) but I’ll live.


  1. Love Hasn’t Worked Since The Age of 21: Labels and Love! I smile every time I say that. We see Carrie go through many relationships throughout the show. No relationship was more memorable than her on again off again relationship with John James Preston aka Mr. Big. I don’t know when the day will come when I am lucky enough that my Mr. Big pops into my life. I just hope that he’s ready for commitment and I don’t get the 10 year run around Carrie did.

  1. I Am Led By My Emotions: So unfortunately true. It is no secret that Carrie let her emotions rule her. There were moments in the show when I’d get pissed at her, like why are you doing this Carrie? For instance, time she invited Big to come over to Aden’s cabin because she felt bad for him and Aden and Big had a fight? As mad as I’d get with her, I guess me seeing similarities of myself in her actions is what triggered my anger. Sometimes when you let your emotions rule they take over and you end up in situations it’s hard to get out of.


  1. We Both Are Insanely In Love With Shoes: Shoes… You can never have too many shoes! Everyone knows that Carrie was borderline insane when it came to shoes. Remember the time her Manolo’s got stolen at her friend’s party and she faked an engagement to get them replaced? Ha! While I am not in the business of faking engagements for free shoes, I can admit I have a shoe problem. That could explain why the top shelf in my closet that’s home to all of my black heels has to be re-installed because it recently collapsed. But, just like Carrie, this shoe love is real and may never end.Carrie-Bradshaws-Vogue-Wedding-Dress-by-Dior.png

  1. We Both Were Featured In One of Our Favorite Magazines: Well I didn’t have a multi-page spread in bridal couture and it wasn’t Vogue like her, but I got to grace the page. In 2014 I was featured in Marie Claire’s November Beauty issue. One of the biggest, proudest moments in my life. Every Carrie quotable came to mind the day the magazine went on sale and I saw myself on the page LOL. MC

As you can see, my life’s resemblance to Carrie gets deeper daily. There’s always something she says or does that reminds me of myself. I think just about every woman in the world who watched/watches the show has a secret connection with her. I am just one of those who wishes my connection will never die. While Carrie Bradshaw is just a mere figment of our imaginations because she’s a fictional character on a television show, she’s been my life muse. You never know, I just may be becoming the next Carrie Bradshaw. Xoxo!


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


3 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why I May Secretly Be Becoming Carrie Bradshaw

  1. This is so cute! I always wanted to be Samantha but I think realistically, I’m probably Miranda in real life lol. I liked Carrie a lot on paper, but she really irked me sometimes. Reading this list though makes me realize that maybe I have more in common with Carrie than I once thought. Congrats on that magazine feature boo!

    1. Thank you 🙂 Girl, I think we all have a little bit of Miranda in us. Carrie irked me a lot too. She made lots of careless life decisions, exhibit A. Why I’m her in another life form LOL. Thank you for the well wishes on the mag! Xoxo 🙂

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