Self-Love Sunday: The Single Woman’s Guide To Valentines Day



Valentine’s Day, Shamalintines Day.

I feel like there’s never really an in between when this day rolls around. Either we’re overly excited or we are walking around wearing all black all day on 2/15. Regardless of if you’re single or not, it’s something about this day that always causes an unnecessary amount of stress. This is a time when the men are going all out and preparing endlessly to spoil their women on the day of love. Or planning multiple dates because he’s juggling multiple women. *side eye* So what’s a single woman to do when she finds herself single on February 14th? Love herself, duh! Treat herself to an amazing day and not dwell on the beaux that hasn’t come along, YET! I think it’s important for all of us women know that a holiday doesn’t determine our worth. Just like spending this special day with someone you hardly care about or you’re going to fight with on February 15th isn’t worth it, just to say you did something with somebody.

No, being single isn’t punishment or a death sentence. It’s actually the perfect time to really get to know all of who you are. I want to encourage all you single beauties to not let being alone this coming Saturday matter more than it actually does. Love yourself enough to not want anything to do with anyone who doesn’t value or appreciate you. I’ve actually been asked out by a few friendly hotties and I politely curved their invites lol. Not that I think I am too good, but it would honestly just be leading them on accepting their invites to go out. I’d rather sleep in on Saturday, head to all of my spa appointments late, come home to order a heart shaped pizza from roundtable and watch love flicks all night long. I am just wired a bit differently this year. It’s a far cry from passing out Barbie Valentines to my classmates. (Something I still may do with my co-works, save your judgments! Lol) I would just rather do nothing alone if it’s not something with someone I actually care to look at for more than 15 minutes. Below is your single woman’s guide to Valentine’s Day, what to do while you’re single and not quite ready to mingle on February 14th.


1. A Night Out or In With the Girls: If you’re lucky you’re not the only single one out the bunch. Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to get dolled up with your girls and have a night out on the town. This could mean dinner and a few cocktails or logging into your living social account to find some great deals locally. Wine and Painting class anyone? It’s almost always a good idea to stay in and lounge around in your pajamas. Have some wine, dance to some good music, have a girl talk and eat well. You can never go wrong with a night full of the women you love.

2. Go Shopping: I just truly believe that shopping brightens anyone’s mood. There’s very few things that trump the feeling of swiping your credit card at the register and leaving with a bag full of things you can’t wait to play dress up in. You don’t necessarily have to go shopping for clothes and shoes either. You can shop for things around the house. Buy new candles, new household items and my all-time favorite gift to myself, FLOWERS!

3. Devote Time To Your Favorite Hobbies: Have you been slacking on that new project? Or procrastinating with updating the blog? Valentine’s Day would be the perfect day to devote time to your hobbies or side hustles. Design some new business cards, sketch some new clothing designs or paint that painting you’ve been putting off for weeks. I guarantee you, spending the day doing things that you love is sure to keep you in good spirits.

4. Get Pampered: The spa is never a bad idea. Go out and get a massage. It’s never a bad idea to get your hair and nails done or maybe even head to the hair salon to switch up your locks. A facial, pedicure and an eyebrow waxing is a great way to make yourself feel special and pampered.

5. Give and Then Give Some more: I would love to devote a few hours on Valentine’s Day volunteering my time to make others that are less fortunate happy. Being selfless enough to put your feelings of loneliness aside and dedicate a few hours out of your not so busy day to give to others in need sounds like a damn good idea. Find a local woman’s shelter or senior citizen home to give to. I am more than positive that making someone else happy is sure to turn your day into something special.

I hope that each of you that are single realize how amazing you are. I pray that we all embrace self-love and appreciation every day, not just one day out of the year. While it may be extremely difficult to think about the fact that you’ll be alone this year, just look to the future. Trust that the man for you is patiently waiting and preparing himself for the day that you two finally meet.


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


6 thoughts on “Self-Love Sunday: The Single Woman’s Guide To Valentines Day

  1. Thanks for this post! I will be spending this single girl Valentine’s Day with a few friends, go shopping, out to eat and pampering ourselves! So liberating lol.

    1. You’re so welcome. 🙂 I think the actual day will be a ME day. Buy myself flowers, etc. the text day the ladies and I are having a post Valentine’s Day brunch so we’ll have a fun filled weekend for sure. I hope you and your girls enjoy this special day. Buy yourself something nice! 🙂

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